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Notre Dame de Paris

No description

alex gonzalez

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Notre Dame de Paris

Norte Dame de Paris To begin the construction, the bishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully order to demolish several houses and had new roads build in order to transport material for the rest of the cathedral. In 1163, the construction began. The construction of the choir took 14 years. In 1196, Maurice de Sully died while the cathedral was still being built. During the years, numerous architects work on the site and add different styles. The most change in the style came in the 13 century, when the transepts were remodeled to latest Rayonnant style. Construction History Alex Gonzalez
3rd period
Mrs. Mendes Timeline of the Construction Timeline of construction 1160 Maurice de Sully ordered original cathedral demolished
1163 Construction begins
1182 Apse and choir is completed
1196 Bishop Maurice de Sully dies
1200 work begins on western facades
1225 western facades is completed
1250 western tower and north rose windows are completed
1245-1260s the Rayonnant style was finished by Jean de Chelles and then Pierre de Montreuil
1260s-1345 the remaining elements are completed Bells and Organs As a centerpiece of the cathedral, many organs were installed after the Notre Dame's construction. Yet the first integrated organ wasn't fully finished until the 18 century. Francois-Henri build an organ with pipes that extended through the walls. Later in the 19 conetury it was rebuild by Aristide Cavaiille-Coll, who laid 6,900 new pipe. In 1992, it was again updated, this time it was computerized through utilization of three networks.The bells of Notre Dame are some of the famous bells in Europe. Of the five large bells, the one in the South Tower is the most prominent. Known as the bourdon bell Emanuel, it weighs over 13 tons. The other four bells remain in the North Tower. Damage and Restoration Norte Dame has gone through number of periods of destruction and restoration. much of the interior remains true to the original design. During the 16 century, bot the huguenots and the french king vandalized and changed the cathedral. During the French Revolution, the cathedral was converted into a storage warehouse for food which many statues were removed. bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notre_Dame_de_Paris http://traveltips.usatoday.com/notre-dame-cathedral-france-3356.html
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