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lela madfis

on 27 September 2010

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Transcript of LINEAR MOTION

linear motion did you know that motion is relative? relative.... TO THE SUN!!!!! speed is the measure of how fast something is moving. a moving object travels a certain distance in a given time now theres this concept called Velocity its like speed, but its not! it is different in a very important way speed and velocity are like horses and unicorns. a unicorn is like a horse, but it is much more complex, just like velocity is more complex than speed. Obviously much more complex and rad like velocity Velocity is different because it is speed in a given direction For example:
a delorean traveling 88 miles per hour is telling you its speed
a delorean traveling 88 miles per hour to the south is telling you its velocity When you want to know how fast the velocity is changing that is called ACCELERATION (the rate at which velocity is changing) The changes apply to both speed and direction For example:
A delorean going 88 miles per hour is telling you its speed
A delorean going 88 miles per hour east is telling you its velocity When you want to know who fast the velocity is changing it is called Acceleration (The rate at which velocity is changing) Acceleration is directional like velocity, when we change speed or direction we are changing velocity and consequently accelerate And now for something coMpletely different Free fall Obects accelerate when they fall so when you jump off the bed your fine but when you jump off a cliff you probably won't be Not good! When something is falling down due to gravity and not being affected by
air resistance, this is FREE FALL tHE ACCELERATION OF AN OBJECT FALLING WITH NO AIR RESISTANCE IS ABOUT 10 METERS PER SECONGD SQUARED if you decide to throw an object upwards the object has upward velocity and then zero velocity at the top. then it goes downward and the velocity decreases by ten each second. during all of this the object is free falling Those were the 5 most important subtopics of LINEAR MOTION!!! tHEY WERE:
FREE FALL Pictures provided by:










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