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No description

Annie Ramos

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Annie

loving caring helping who wishes to be free from life who likes writing poems who wonders whats after life who loves Justin Bieber who loves her family who loves her friends who loves to dance who fears of having her heart broken into a bunch of pieces who is afraid of getting never being loved who belives in dreams can come true if you can make it happen ANJANETTE RAMOS AKA ~!ME!~ who plans to fall in love who loves to be herself who loves being different then others who plans to have a huge beautiful wedding. whose final destination is... To die peacefuly waiting to be excepted into heaven. Being free as free can be, but watching over my children living their lives while they can. And waiting until they come join me in heaven. Who belives in The Holy Lord Jesus Christ and The Father of the Lord Jesus that is God who plans to have children who wonders why were we made for in this world? Does God want us to be as greedy and less thankfull of what we have? Why did he give us this world if we are just going to distroy it? who plans to be a mother. who plans who wants to meet Taylor Lautner!!!!! aka Jacob Black!! B.T.W she is a Twighlight Fan!!! fav
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