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ELPS 785 Arzoumanian Methodology Presentation

No description

Arineh Arzoumanian

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of ELPS 785 Arzoumanian Methodology Presentation

Innovation at Instructional level at Community Colleges
Arineh Arzoumanian
November 13, 2014

Introduction & Research Tradition

Research Setting, Data Sources, & Sample
Data Collection Instruments & Procedures
Data Collection Instruments:
Data Analysis Procedures
Preliminary Data Analysis:
Concluding Slide with Researcher Role
Discover leadership behaviors that leads to successful planning, implementing, improving, and sustaining innovative change at community colleges.
Provide description of what successful leaders can do to facilitate change in the context of competency-based education in community colleges.

Research Tradition:

Multi-site Case Study Approach
In-depth investigation of perceptions, practices, and understanding of what creates a successful change in instructional level at community college system
Three community college districts in southern California: CC1, CC2, CC3

Data Sources:
Administrators, staff, and faculty
Currently leading a change initiative at their institution or at district level for at least three years

Research invitation
Informed consent
Interview protocol

Data Collection Procedures:
16 semi-structured personal interviews
Follow-up open-ended questions in form of survey

Transcription services
Member checks and peer reviews

Thematic Analysis:
Categorize themes and data using conceptual framework

Faculty role: I am involved in curriculum redesign initiatives in my field
Grant work: Working on competency-based curriculum design project, I am doing my part in developing and implementing the model in the field.
My research interest is influenced by my own experience, I need to be mindful to maintain the role of researcher and not advocate for the model.

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