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Data Cumulating Project

Happy Planet Index

National Geographic

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Data Cumulating Project

GDP Data Culminating Project:
Factors Affecting Happy Planet Index

Sylvia Chen
Veronica He Infant Mortality Rate Conclusion Discussion: Background Info Hypothesis Analysis Conclusion Further Studies What's Happy Planet Index Measure of sustainble well-being
Creator: Nic Marks
Published Date: July 2006 HPI= Life Expectancy X Experience Well-being Ecological Footprint Formula: Thesis HPI is affected by many factors GDP
Literacy Rate
Infant Mortality Rate One-variable: Two-variable: r=-0.552512 Literacy
Rate r = 0.44451 Niger
Haiti HPI vs GDP
HPI vs Literacy Rate
HPI vs Infant Mortality Rate Culture
Similar attributes
Flaws Further Studies One-variable: Two-variable:
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