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Living Conditions in 16th Century England

No description

Keil Botly

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Living Conditions in 16th Century England

The Poor
Middle Class
High Wealth (Rich)
-Simple "huts" with one or two rooms
-Smoke escaped through a hole in the thatched roof
-The floors were just hard ground, dirty and not fun in bad weather
-Very basic furniture, stools, a table, ect.
-Slept on mattresses stuffed with straw or thistledown laid on ropes strung between a wooden frame

-They lived on a very poor diet
-One cooked meal a day
-Breakfast consisted of bread, onion and cheese
-Mixed grains with water and vegetables (and if they could afford it) pieces of meat

Food (and other things...)
-Women (or girls) did not go to school
-If the boys could afford school, they went straight into the workforce (often learning a trade through apprenticeships)
-Schools were a savage place full of unforgiving teachers, often had a stick with birch twigs attached
-Boys were hit on their bare buttocks
-The poor often gambled with dice
-Played a rough version of football (soccer), this was
dangerous (broken limbs were common)
-Attending public executions was common, criminals were hung in the street
-Cruel sports like cockfighting were also popular
-Mattresses stuffed with flock ( a rough wool )
- Candles made with animal fat
-Chair were a luxury (but still available)
-Furniture would hopefully last generations ( specifically dressers, night stands, tables, etc...)
-Glass windows became more common/affordable
-Some had chimneys

-Dishes and bowls often made out of pewter
-Utensils consisted of knives and their fingers (occasionally spoon)
-Potatoes and tomatoes were often available but rarely ate

- Many people learned how to read an write using a tool called a horn book.
- A horn book is a wooden board with a handle. on the board was a sheet of white paper with the alphabet and the Lord's prayer.
- Discipline still savage.
- School started at 6am during the summer and 7am during the summer.
- Grand houses.
- No longer built for defense.
- Comfortable beds!!!!!
- MANY chairs. (Even servants got at the very least a stool.)
- Walls lined with oak paneling.
- In 16th century, people built another story above their grand hall to create more rooms.

- Tudor boys went to petty schools.
-After petty schools moved on to grammar schools.
- Boys went to school six days a week with few holiday.
- at the age of 15-16 the smartest boys might go to either Oxford or Cambridge University.
- Girls had home tutors.
-They had everything that high wealth had but with even more
- Had more influence, power over the people
Pains in the ***
Living Conditions in 16th Century England
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