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Howard Schultz

No description

Kristin Anderson

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz
Howard Schultz
Born on July 19, 1953 in Brooklyn, NY
Bachelors of Science in Communications- Northern Michigan University
Hammarplast: Director of Sales
First Starbucks experience: 1981
September 7, 1982: began working at Starbucks
Starbucks Coffee,Tea, & Spice
Original Owners: Jerry Baldwin, Zev Sigel, and Gordon Bowker
Started company in 1971 in Seattle, WA
Coffee bean roaster and retailer
The name Starbucks was inspired by Moby Dick
Starbucks Coffee Company
August 1987 Howard Schultz purchased Starbucks Coffee
Added coffee beverages to the menu
Howard Schultz: CEO, Chairman, and President of Starbucks
60 million people walk into a Starbucks Coffee shop each week
Opens a new store every 5 hours, 24-7
Starbucks is in 39 countries
Leadership Traits
Agreeableness: sociability, sensitivity, and emotional intelligence
Conscientiousness: dependability and integrity
Openness: flexibility, intelligence, and locus of control
Employee-Centered Leadership
Communicates with subordinates on decision made within company, struggles present, and future growth strategies
Employee security
Part-time benefits
Referent Power
: based on users personal relationships
Starbucks Experience
Charismatic leader
Expert Power
: based on users skill and knowledge
Extensive research on coffee farms, coffee beans, branding, expansion
Wants to pass wisdom onto employees

Lessons Learned
Have a passion for what you do
Be willing to take risks
It is okay to fail
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