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The Capgras Delusion

No description

monica martinez

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of The Capgras Delusion

By : Monica Martinez and Nancy Esparza The Capgras Delusion The capgras delusion syndrome is a rare mental disorder in which a person believes that a person around them has been replaced by an impostor. It usually happens with a close relative or friend. What is the capgras delusion syndrome? Doctors and scientist have not yet found the definite cause of the rare disorder. One third of the patients have had a head trauma. Others have been found with a psychotic disorder. In most cases the psychotic disorders are dementia and schizophrenia. What causes the capgras delusion? By: Monica Martinez and Nancy Esparza The patient with capgras can recognize the person's appearance and the way they act but there is something about them that their mind does not want to recognize. However, the patient can recognize the other person by just listening to their voice. What are the signs and symptoms? There are no specific signs and symptoms but in past cases the patient becomes aggressive and start having delusions. They also do not recognize close relatives or friends. How can the capgras syndrome be diagnosed? There are two different tests that doctors can use to identify the capgras syndrome in a patient: neuroimaging and neuropsychology test. Neuropsychological tests:
intelligence There are two types of neuroimaging: structural and functional. The one used to diagnose this syndrome is the functional neuroimaging. This test shows the relation between brain activity and specific functions of the brain. How can Capgras be treated? Capgras can be treated with psycotherapy wich deals with mental and emotional problems. With psycotherapy patients could slowly understand that they have a mental disorder. Antipsycotics have helped control delusion in some cases. How can Capgras be prevented? The capgras delusion cannot be prevented, it affects all races and both genders. Statistics one out of every three patients has experienced head trauma
Capgras affects women more than men Capgras can also be treated with reframing and reality testing. Reframing is changing a persons point of view of ideas, events or situations. Reality testing helps distinguish reality and a persons imagination. Questions for the Audience :) What is one of the two psycotic disorders associated with capgras?
What does neuropsycological test measure?
What kind of plane does neuroimaging show?
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