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Th Odyssey

Cunning/ strength

Chrissy Moss

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Th Odyssey

The Odyssey
Cunning/Strength Odysseus is cunning and uses strength when him
and his and his men arrive in Ismarus. He used
his sly thinking to build a wooden horse to get
in the center of Ismarus. He also used his strength
during the war. "We served under Agamemnon, son of Atreus- The whole world knows what city he laid waste, what armies he destroyed."
Odysseus decieves the cyclops twice.With
his crafty thinking, the men hide under
the sheep when the cylops let them out.
Another time is when Odysseus lies about
his name. "My name is Nohbdy: Mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy." Odysseus uses mental and emotional strength in the Land Of The Dead. It took a lot of mental and emotional strength because he had to hold his own mother and his good friend, Elpenor off. "I slept on Circe's roof, then could not see the long steep backward ladder, comming down, and fell that height..." Odyseus uses his clever thinking when the Sirens sing to the crew. By using clever thinking, he told his men to tie him to the mastso he wont be tempted. Also, for his men to put beeswax in their ears so they won't hear the Sirens sing. Odyseus shows off his mental strength by not putting beeswax in his ears. The two Sirens, noting their off their point, made ready, and they sang: "This way, oh turn your bows..."
Odysseus had to have mental strength because he had to make the hard decision of losing six of his men or his whole crew. He used emotional strength by stepping up as a leader and giving his men a heart to heart talk. "Friends, have we never been in danger before this..." By: Chrissy Moss and Kaila Cox
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