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Pat Mora

No description

Mariah Mcfadin

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Pat Mora

Author Study: Pat Mora
By Kelly Brown and Mariah Mcfadin
Pat Mora nació en el 19 de enero de 1942 en la frontera de México y Tejas en El Paso.
¡Crecía en una casa bilingüe!
Fue influida por su tía, mamá y de las historias y story telling de su familia.
La lectura fue muy importante durante su niñez
Ella fue la primera persona de su familia en asisitir a la universidad

[I] "Loved poetry, hearing the old-fashioned rhymes, memorizing rhythms I still feel. Books weave through my life, enriching my life. How deeply grateful I am to those who taught me to love and play with words in English y en Español."
-Pat Mora
Why did she become an author?
Her children inspired her. She wanted more acess to culturally relevant books for her children and other children
Vídeo: Missing Heritage
Her books
Pat Mora writes books in both English and Spanish. They also incorporate code-switching!
Books are written for children, young adults, and adults.
Her stories are told from a female, Mexican-American perspective, and creates authentic literature from her experiences.

Nepantla was influenced by her personal experience balancing her Mexican American Culture
This is a culturally authentic book as she personally lived this experience of growing up on the border of two different worlds
It speaks about how politics, culture, social, and emotional borders can separate people.
Students can relate to this if they feel they are separated from others.
Tomás and the Library Lady
A story about a boy who moves with his family for the summer. His granddad told him stories. This inspired Tomás to go to the library where he met the librarian. They spoke to each other and helped each other learn.
It is an example of how students can love reading and share it with their family
Childrens books
A Piñata in a Pine Tree: A Latino Twelve Days of Christmas
Sweet Dreams/Dulces Suenos.
Join Hands!
Let's Eat!/A Comer!
¡Marimba!: Animales From A to Z
Maria Paints the Hills.
Love to Mama: A Tribute to Mothers
Tomas and the Library Lady
The Rainbow Tulip.
This Big Sky
Delicious Hullabaloo/Pachanga Deliciosa.
Uno, Dos, Tres: One, Two, Three
The Race of Toad and Deer.
Agua, Agua, Agua.
A Birthday B
Listen to the Desert: Oye al desierto
The Night the Moon Fell
40+ Books
She has 22 children's book awards
She has two Young adult book awards
She has 4 adult book awards
She has 19 Literacy Awards

3 fellowships
She has 6 Academic and professional honors awards
¡El Fin!
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