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Organise Business Travel

No description

Marcel Wenzel

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Organise Business Travel

BSBADM406 - Organise Business Travel
What is business travel?
Purpose of travel?
Why do we organise it?
How do we organise it?
2. Make Travel Arrangements
What is business travel?
It is...
travel in the course of business or work

It is not...
the daily commuting between home and workplace

free time for recreation and leisure

Assessment & Feedback

Purpose of travel
Business-related trips

Visiting customers, suppliers, business partners,...
Meetings at other company locations
Expo's, Conventions, Conferences
Professional Development
Why do we organise
business travel?
To ensure a smoothly procedure
To identify needs & outcomes
to stay within the budget
to make clear evaluations
How do we
organise business travel?
1. Organise Business itinerary
2. Make Travel Arrangements
3. Arrange Credit Facilities

1. Organise Business
1. Confirm purpose
- Meeting, Expo, Professional Development, etc.
2. Confirm requirements
- Mode of travel, accommodation, duration,
budget, contacts, etc.
3. Prepare daily itineraries
- appointments, meals, departure/arrival
times, etc.
4. Source, prepare & provide documents
- business proposals, catalogues, contracts,
product samples, etc.
5. Meet OHS - requirements
- lunch breaks, rest periods, leisure time, etc.
1. Make bookings
- online, telephone, travel agent, etc.
based on policies and procedures
2. Identify & arrange travel documents
- passport, visas, timetables, itineraries,
agendas, booking confirmations, etc.
3. Confirm arrangements & despatch
documents to the traveller
4. Record travel details
- diary, prepared checklist, etc.
5. Confirm communication arrangements
- mobile, email access
3. Arrange Credit

1. Methods of payment
- company credit cards, purchase order,
reimbursements, etc.
2. Credit arrangements
- cab charges, currency, travellers
cheques, etc.
Thank you for your Attention!!!
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