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Dragonwings Presentation

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on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Dragonwings Presentation

Summary of Dragonwings
Dragonwings is about an eight year old boy named Moon Shadow who travels to America to see his father, Windrider. Together they face cultural, language, and general issues through the book that both of them must over come.
Moon Shadow has to learn this by exploring the world of the Tang people. When he first arrives, his dad and him have a weird relationship because this was their first time meeting. As time goes on, they both start to get closer to each other.
Quotes of Culture
on page 167 it says "
Quotes of Language
On page 219, it says "As neither Miss Whitlaw nor Lefty understood one another's language, everything went smoothly."

On page 23, it says "What are you looking at you little it sounded like 'chai na maan' I looked at father for a translation,but he had grown angry."
Quotes for Fitting In
Summary of Lost Garden
BY:Laurence Yep
By: Laurence Yep
The lost Garden was about Laurence Yep's life when he was a child and the challenges he faced.

He didn't know whereand even if he would he could fit in.He called himself an american.
When Moon Shadow moved to his dad in the Land of the Golden Mountain, he had trouble learning the language they had there. His dad would translate to him sometimes, but throughout the book, he has trouble learning the Tang's people language. The quotes below are evidence that Windrider had to translate sometimes for Moon Shadow because it was hard for Moon to understand.
Overall fitting in is very difficult. For example in Lost Garden the officer didn't tell the captain that teens robbed their store. The officer put it in the circular bin which is the garbage.
In Dragonwings, Moon Shadow has to adapt to the new culture in the Land of the Golden Mountain. Of course, he needed to learn the language, english. His Father, Windrider, would translate for him. He also has to adapt to the food they eat, the clothes they wear, and the general activities they do.
Fitting In

Dragonwings Presentation By: David, Kris, Piero, and Luke
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