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Lan and wan

No description

Bobby Lewis

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Lan and wan

Computer Business
Mr. Lewis
a) Define key terms (servers, routers, hubs, LANs, WANs, queues, IP addresses)
b) Identify the types of networks and their features.
c) Create an example of a network using presentation software, Inspiration, and/or word processing applications.
d) Compare and contrast types of networks, including LANs versus WANs using a word processing application and/or spreadsheet application to demonstrate their understanding.
e) Describe, compare and contrast Internet protocols (e.g., http, https, and ftp) using a word processing application and/or spreadsheet application.
A computer or network that
manages network resources.
Many different
types. (ex. printer, data, file)
device that forwards data packets along networks.
A router is connected to at least two networks,
commonly two LANs or WANs
common connection point for devices in a network.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
Wan- Wide Area network
(Houston county Schools)
Lan- Local Area network
(Feagin Mill Middle School)
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