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Strengthsfinder 2.0

StrengthsFinder 2.0 *Adapted from Stephanie Birk M.A. and Fod shadbakht

Leann Wyrick Morgan

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Strengthsfinder 2.0

Changing of Perspectives Ahead
Today's Agenda
Why StrengthsFinder?
Strengths vs Weakness
Utilizing your Strengths
Strengths Building vs. Weaknesses Fixing
How will StrengthsFinder help me at UCCS?
Increase self awareness of your innate talents and potential
Increase awareness and understanding of others
Help guide personal and team development
Anything can be learned
Weaknesses can become strengths with enough hard work and determination
Weakness fixing leads to success
Strength Building
You will excel by maximizing your strengths, never by fixing your weakness
You do not have to have strength in every aspect of your role in order to succeed
Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best everyday?
Only 30% of people said
Weakness Misconceptions
Why StrengthsFinder?
These employees are loyal and productive.
Not Engaged
May be productive, but aren't psychologically connected to their company.
Actively Disengaged
Are physically present, but psychologically absent.
70% say
Likely to stay with their company for at least a year, and also less likely to steal.
Unhappy with their work situation and insist on sharing this unhappiness with colleagues.
More likely to miss work days and eventually leave their company
Got Engagement?
A non-talent isn't a weakness until it impedes productivity
What is a Strength?
Focus on "Strength building", rather than "weakness fixing"
What is a Strength?
What StrengthFinder actually measures is talent, not strength.
The ultimate goal is to build a true strength, and talent is just one of the ingredients in the formula.
"Your naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior."
More than 40 years of research from Gallup Inc.

Based on four millions users across 17 languages
StrengthsFinder is based on Positive Psychology
You feel fulfilled & authentic.
You feel effective.
You look forward to it.
Why is this Important?
Barrier Labels
only prevent productivity
Barrier Labels
for your TOP 5
How do your barriers
you from being productive?
Task: How can you
barrier labels impacting your life?
Dr. Leann Morgan
Don't be Well-Rounded, Be Great!
How will StrengthsFinder help me in my personal life?
1 in 34 million
people have the
same strengths in the same order.

1 in 34,000
people have the
same top in scrambled order.
When you received your results...

What was your first reaction?
How well did your results fit you?
Who did you share your results with?
Did anything in your results surprise you?
Examples of Barrier Labels:
Strength = Command Label = Bossy
Strength = Communication Label = Chatterbox
Strength = Harmony Label = Pushover
Strength = Positivity Label = Unrealistic
25-year longitudinal study: self-confidence development in emerging adulthood (14-22) and its impact on income, career satisfaction, and health. Showed a "cumulative advantage:" Strengths-focused group made over $12,000 more annually, and lower confidence group had 3x as many health problems. (Judge & Hurst, 2004)
*Prezi adapted from Stephanie Birk M.A. and Fod shadbakht
What will you do with your
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