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The Middle Colonies

A short report on the Middle Colonies

John Miller

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of The Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies
Geography & Climate
The geography in the Middle Colonies is pretty similar to the Geography here in Kentucky. There are mountains and vallies if you head inland, and bays and plateaus if you head torwards the ocean. As far as the climate goes, it's a pretty mild climate. They have warm summers & cold winters.
Natural Resources
The middle colonies were pretty rich in natural resorces. They had lumber, water, good soil for crops, and iron from the mountains. They used these natural resources in many different ways. They used them for tools, houses, defense walls, weapons, and even more things then that. One of the biggest uses was for farming.
People & Immigration
Most of the people who lived in the middle colonies were from Europe. They were mostly Pilgrims and Puritans. Using usually 1 to 2 ships, they ventured across the Atlatic to find new land. Some of the places that came to the new world were Frace, Spain, England, and Ireland. Some the native tribes even helped the travelers.
The government in the middle colonies was pretty basic. Most of the colonies had a govenor-type figure making the laws and important decisions. Some were even self govern colonies which was a little chaotic. Others just had a democratic-type government which was pretty good.
Economy & Daily Life
The economy was just like a normal day. They would usually just hunt, fish, build ships, farm, trade, or explore, the daily life consisted of basic activities hunting, cooking, farming, and tradeing. Pretty much like daily life today but without the technology.
The religion in the middle colonies was not as strict as you would think. Most of them allowed any religous beliefs, while some could probaly kill you for being holy. If you were Christian then you would have to go threw this 5 hour ceremony with other people that you know.
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