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how do forces act between objects????

this presentation will talk about action, reaction, and forces

Delaney Scudella

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of how do forces act between objects????

First Things First... we have all blown up balloons, right??
guess who invented that? Isaac newton! in a way he did, he realized that by one object pushing against another, that object receives a push, like arm wresting-kinda. action, any comments on what that is??
it's the original force of motion.
if you know that the action is the original force...
what do you think the REACTION is??
it's the force of motion coming from the first motion.

think about this for a minute or so...

when 2 objects with the same strength
push against each other, will the reaction be...

same speed, same direction
different speed, opposite direction
same speed, opposite direction, or
things can vary

so, all this talk about action and reaction?
how does it affect ME?

action and reaction play a big part in our lives, although you may not think of it. force is not as common as health and things like that, but it does play a big part in our lives. For example, in baseball and softball you have to be aware of the forces-of the ball, and of the bat! okay, moving on... one more time...
okay, here's a summaryy of what I just said...
action and reaction
force-what it is and who discovered it
how on earth do these laws of physichs affect you?

take it from Einstein, physics is used-
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