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FT DH Position Applicaiton

Use: presentation during interview

Debbie Mahre

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of FT DH Position Applicaiton

Debbie Mahre BSDH Thank you

BSDH group

Going Green: Since a hard copy portfolio does not lend to the saving of trees, please shred and recycle this portfolio when no longer needed Portfolio: Table of contents Teaching
philosophy Task Analysis Project Project intent:
Patient ed brochure Presented to:
Students and instructors What it is . . .
Procedure broken
down into pieces Power point:
Lesson of the day Rubric for objective
assessment of task
performance Instructor
Form Educational
Methodologies Minimin Qualifications: BSDH 2005
Wa. State DH license
15 yrs DH practice
10 yrs YVCC part time
Past year FT interim
State of Washington Community and Technical Colleges Vocational Technical Education Certificate,Exp 1/2015
Background in
educational methodology-MSDH
Desirable Qualifications: MSDH: 1 quarter and thesis remain
DH clinic coordinator experience
Ability to communicate in both
oral and written form with students
of varying cultures, races, ages, education
Positive experience working with ethnically
diverse populations

Essential Functions Education of DH students
Experience teaching in lab and clinic
Experience teaching theory
Assisted with DH applicant chart review
Assisted with DH student data entry
Department meetings
Modifications to didactic course
curriculum/syllabi to meet changes
in field
Assist in supervision of client services
Familiar with needs of adult learners
Committed to improving opportunities
for minorities
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