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Photography Career

No description

Ashira Lloyd

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Photography Career

Photographer Ashira Lloyd not just any photographer FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER but a Duties & Responsibilities Establishing good relationship with
-fashion editors
-art directors Taking photographs in different locations & in studios of models, clothes, and other fashion products The
Fashion Photographer's 1.) CHOOSE A CAREER PATH Other fashion photography jobs:
- Advertising Agencies
- Modeling Agencies
- Working for a department store
- Stock photography agencies
- Opening a studio 2.) PURCHASE PHOTOGRAPHY
-eBay and Craigslist
Check local camera stores 3.) Gain Experience -Taking photography classes
-Practice taking different types of photographs
-STUDYING!!! 4.) Build a Portfolio Build a strong & diverse portfolio showing your broad range of skills 5.) Submit Your Work Send your portfolio out to both potential employers/agents & editors of various magazines in print & online Work Environment A studio Anywhere around the world Runway Shows You may have to work within tight deadlines and deal with tough personalities Unusual Places No such thing as a typical day Opportunities for advancement ? An assistant Staff Photography photo editors directors of photography Typical Day for a Fashion Photographer No NORMAL day!
Hours may vary! 1.)Will usually oversee all of the action at a photo shoot and try to ensure that everything is running smoothly and in a timely manner. 2.)The photographer may be able to choose the model or models used as well as accessories that may accompany the clothing. 3.) Will usually then choose a final picture or pictures from dozens or hundreds of pictures taken during a shoot, and may then do editing or touch up work on the images. 4.) Then finally will present the pictures to the client. $alary Starting Salary:
Working for a company
2 Years of Experience
1-4 Years of Experience
$39,677 to $68,784
$28,079 to $78,611
$25,500 to $60,291
$13.18 to $32.66 (hourly) Hazards & Disadvantages Photographers are exposed to chemical, physical, & psychological hazards during work. Human factor risks comes from handling heavy equipment as well as work in awkward postures in dangerous positions. Darkroom exposure to chemical agents may lead to respiratory, allergic, and nervous system disease. Psychological problems come from chaotic work organization. Digital photography may reduce the prevalence of chemical exposure, although it may increase the risk of musculoskeletal illness. Advantages of continuing your education . . . Mature perspective of life & your approach to being a photographer Assemble a portfolio Prepare for job interviews Picking up basic business & people skills Locate employment opportunities & internships Job placement & counseling Feedback by professionals Learning other subjects Well-rounded & marketable professional Access to the latest technology & equipment Exposure to different types of photography MAJOR/AREA OF CONCENTRATION Photography LOCATION OF COLLEGE Seventh Avenue at 27 Street, New York City 10001-5992 SIZE OF STUDENT BODY School of Art and Design 3,800 STUDENT-TO-TEACHER RATIO 17:1 ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS STEP ONE :
File the SUNY Application Online
Submit FIT's Supplemental Admissions Materials MUST SUBMIT A PORTFOLIO ! 1.) Design Test
2.) Written Essays
3.)Photography Portfolio Cover Page (online, in-person, or by mail) TUITION RATES Fall 2012 - Spring 2013
Fall-Time Program
Associate-level,New York City/State residents
Associate-level,out-of-state residents
Baccalaureate-level,New York City/State residents
Baccalaureate-level, out-of-state residents
Graduate-level,New York City/State residents
Graduate-level, out-of-state residents $2100.00 per semester

$6300.00 per semester
$2884.00 per semester

$7715.00 per semester
$4599.00 per semester

$8352.00 per semeester TUITION RATES Evening, Weekend, Summer and Winter Sessions
Associate-level,New York City/State residents
Associate-level,out-of-state residents
Baccalaureate-level,New York City/State residents
Baccalaureate-level, out-of-state residents
Graduate-level,New York City/State residents
Graduate-level, out-of-state residents $175.00 per credit

$525.00 per credit
$240.00 per credit

$643.00 per credit

$383.00 per credit

$696.00 per credit Reasons for choosing FIT . . . I want to major in photography, but specifically I want to be a fashion photographer. So I visited this school in the beginning of the yea and loved the environment and the whole school. JOB PLACEMENT RATES : Art & Design
Business & Technology
Total 73%
77% Showcase fashion as effectively as possible through photography freelance photographer Specific Photographer (back up plan) Major - Photography Location:
1622 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 Size of Student Body 3200 Student-to-Teacher Ratio 22:1 Entrance Requirements Must be a high school graduate with minimum grade point average of 2.0 or a minimum SAT score of 880 Doesn't require a portfolio review Tuition Rates
Books & Digital Resources $2,200
Program Fees $7,422
Room & Board $49,392
Tuition $89,100 Full Time Student Reasons for choosing The Art Institute of Philadelphia Close to home, friends, and family Job Placement Rates Photography 68.0%
Associate's Degree Photography 33.3%
Overall 80.3% Major - Photography Location:
241 Millers Falls Road, Turners Falls, MA 01376 Size of Student Body 320 per year Student-to-Teacher Ratio Design Lab 10:1
Imaging Lab 10:1
Studio 10:1
General Class Lecture 40:1
General Information Lecture 80:1 Entrance Requirements Your compatibility with the objectives and philosophies of the Hallmark program, as evidenced in your personal interview with a Career Training Coordinator.

Your willingness to abide by Hallmark’s regulations and procedures and to accept the demands of program schedules.

Passion, commitment to excellence, the desire to pursue a career (not a hobby) in photography, and the motivation to work hard.

Two letters of recommendation (not from family).

$50.00 enrollment fee

An interview with a Career Training Coordinator. Tuition and Fees Enrollment Fee $50.00
Supplies, Materials, Lab and Rental Fee $8,250
Tuition Fee $49,475 Reasons for choosing hallmark Institute of Photography Mainly, because the main focus is photography and it seems pretty cool In Conclusion College! College! College!
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