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Family Tree

No description

Yolanda Farland

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Family Tree

Ned Mc Farland
(grandfather) Anna Farland
(grandma) Caroline Farland
(aunt) Karen Johnson
(aunt) Two Twins :D Dorothy Eaglefeather
(aunt) Joseph Farland
(uncle) Rosemary Farland
(aunt) Levi Eaglefeather Jr.
Jason R. Chief
Janelle Paddlety
(Chewy) Eaglefeather
Deanna Eaglefeather
Breanna Eaglefeather FAMILY TREE! Tribe: Navajo Candice Farland
Nicole Farland
Mackenzie Farland
Sonny Farland
Isa Farland Casey Farland

McKaylene Farland

Another son, but I don't
know his name. Shaun Johnson
Cheyenne Johnson Married, but I don't know
her husband's name.. Joseph Farland
(uncle) Rosemary Farland
(aunt) Candice Farland
Sonny Farland
Nicole Farland
Mackenzie Farland
Isa Farland
Bo Farland Clarence Mc Farland
(father) Marlinda Mae Black
(mother) Hanley Lee Black
(1st Born)

Wife: Julena Smith
Kids: Trevaughno
Lee Black and Chancellor
Lynelle Black Andrew Lee Black
(2nd born)

Wife: Patricia
Kid: Juvauhnathan
Black Alyissa Shealynn Black
(3rd Born) Vaughn Mc Farland
(4th Born) Yolanda Farland
(5th Born) Pecabo Guajardo-Farland
(step sister)
6th Born.

Mother: Stephanie Guajardo
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