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Aiden Coombs

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of a

The First Automobile
The first running Automobile was made by a German inventor called Karl Benz. But people thought the first true automobile was made in 1885/1886.
Karl Benz
Leonardo da Vinci made designs and models for transportation vehicles.
The first steam
powered car was
built in the 1600S
The Milestone vehicle was
built in 1886.
In 1910 gasoline cars
became larger and stronger
The first production in quantity was in 1901
Amedee Bollee a
French man improved
12 passenger steam car in 1873
Ford began producing
model T in 1908
Ford Facts
Fact 1
In 1891 Ford completed his first automobile.
Fact 2
workers would get payed $2.00 each 9 hours
Fact 3
Henry Ford produced up to 15,000,000,000 model T's
Fact 4
Edsel Ford died and Henry ford took back his place but he passed the business to his son
Fact 5
Fords logo was not introduced until 4
years after the company was started

Edsel Ford
thanks for watching
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