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Unix Tour: The History

In 2007, Agoes , Hendry and Kiky decided to make a tour operator that focuses on Surabaya, Brormo, Ijen and East Java Region

agoes tinus indrianto

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of Unix Tour: The History

About Unix Tour Agoes is a Tourism lecturer in a Ciputra University Hendry and Kiky were the active and briliant students in Agoes' Clasess in previous university Agoes:
hold a Master of Tourism Degree from Monash University-Australia
national and international presenter on academic seminars
writer of journal articles on national and international publication
member of Surabaya Tourism Promotion Board
one of the founders of Surabaya Heritage
consultant of Sparkling Backpacker Hotel Surabaya
consultant of Tristar Tourism Academy
creator of "Sparkling Surabaya", the city slogan
recepient of AusAid Scholarship - Australia, in 2002
Global Faculty of Kauffman Foundation - USA, in 2010

Unix Tour was founded by Agoes, Hendry and Kiky in 2007 Hendry is a senior students of Tourism and Leisure Management
Petra Christian University Kiky was graduated from Tourism and Leisure Management - Petra Christan University Hendry:
an active student in the university
an experience tour leader in the campuses
a brilliant tour planner Kiky:
He was the tour leader of the Journalist who made the documentary of Ijen for Travel and Living -International TV channel (had been nominated for the best documentary)
He is a brilliant tour organizer
He is an experience tour leader
He is the Head of Tristar Tourism Academy
The First Client of Unix Tour in 2007 a group of university student from Leeds Met Metropolitan University - UK, led by Dr. Janet Cochrane More Clients:
faculty member of university in Malaysia
individual traveller from Malaysia and Singapore
private group from Malaysia, Singapore and Italy
private family outing from singapore
private family outing from Jakarta - Indonesia
coorporate group travel from Jakarta
many more
Our clients
university students
individual traveller
family outing
company and business traveller Our services:
Surabaya City Tour
Bromo and Ijen Tour
East Java Adventure
Ground Transportion Handling
Hotel and Airport Transfer Unix Tour
Kayoon 2 AB, Surabaya 60271, East Java, Indonesia
TELEPHONE | +62 31 532 1388 | +62 31 545 5217
FACSIMILE | +62 31 532 3311
HOTLINE +62 85 6339 5488
EMAIL | info@surabayatour.com
WEBSITE | http://www.surabayatour.com

in 2009 we moved to the new office "experience the different experience" "it's not just a tour, it's a journey" Surabaya City Tour:
Surabaya Heritage Tour
Surabaya Night Trail
Surabaya Tour De Kampoeng
Surabaya Manggrove Tour
Surabaya Shooping Fest The first time the office was opened in 2007, it was in Arjuna street, Surabaya- Indonesia. It was under PT. Ardhana Travel. Then, in 2009, based on the development of the business we moved to the heart of the city area on Kayoon 2 AB, Surabaya. We are located under the same office with Sparkling Surabaya Backpacker Hotel. The location is easy to reach from any direction of the city, using any public or private transportation. Our office hour starts from 08.00 A.M. until 05.00 P.M. Recently, we are under the affiliation of PT. Alian Wisata Travel, as the member of ASITA (Association of Indonesian Travel Agent), the quality and reliability of our service is guaranteed. Contact Us:
+62 85 6339 5488
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