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History of Kenya

for JKSC members

Hiroko Atarashi

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of History of Kenya

Do you know Kenya?
How far do you know?
What kind of image do you have?
Let's share what you are thinking!
Today's purpose
Where is the capital city of Kenya?
What kind of people are there?
What is the national language of Kenya?
Who is the chairperson of JKSC Kenya?
Who are JKSC Kenya members?
Who is the present Prime Minister of Kenya?
What kinds of industry are popular in Kenya?
What is the popular food in Kenya?
Resistance and Independence
The History of African Continent
About 200 AD
About 1100 AD
About 1400~1500 AD
The Roman Empire
Kingdom of Meroe
Kingdom of Aksum
Around the Nile
Thank you! & Asante sana!
Almoravid dynasty
Fatimid Caliphate
Ghana Empire
Kingdom of Kanem Bornu
Ethiopian Empire
Kingdom of Mutapa
Around the Niger River
Mali Empire
Kingdom of Mutapa
Kingdom of Kanem Bornu
Ethiopian Empire
Kingdom of Congo
Cities in East Africa
Mamluk Sultanate
Around the Zambezi River
* Marindi, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Kirwa
* Trade with Muslim merchants
* Culture of Swahili (Bantu plus Arabia)
After 1500s,
the East African cities were invaded by Portuguese
and Slave Trade had started
Before Berlin Conference
After Berlin Conference
1830 Algeria occupied by France
1881 Tunisia occupied by France

1882 Congo privatized by Belgium

1882 Egypt occupied by Britain
Scramble for Africa
Berlin Conference
* Britain, France, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden-Norway, Ottoman Empire, the US, and Austria-Hungary joined the conference

* The formalization of the scramble for Africa was decided
We should make some rules about Africa...
Immigration of
European people
Important persons
Independence of Kenya
1920s: 9000 people
1950s: 80000 people
Resistance and Confrontations
The symbol of Maasai
Peace and bond
Slave Trade
Ivory Trade
Go into the interior
Confrontations over agriculture
Distributition of lands for European people
Any Questions?
Harry Thuku

Dedan Kimaji

Johnstone Kamau
(Jomo Kenyatta)
* The first resistance
Nomia Luo Mission
* Resistance in 1920s
By Harry Thuku
* Resistance in 1930s and 1940s
KAU was established
The confrontation by Kenya Land and Freedom Army (Maumau Uprising)
* The first president of Kenya
* 1951~1956
Jomo Kenyatta (KANU)
* The second president of Kenya
Daniel Arap Moi (KANU)
Before multiple-party age
After multiple-party age
* Election in 2007
* Election in 2013
Mwai Kibaki (NARC) VS Raila Odinga (ODM)
Post election crisis in Kenya
Over 1000 people were killed and the number of refugees reached about 300,000 ~ 600,000
The causes of this crisis; ethnic exclusion of politics by NARC and deep-rooted land problems from the colonial period
Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) VS Raila Odinga (ODM)
The result was Uhuru Kenyatta: 50.51% and Raila Odinga: 43.70 %
Although Odinga sued for invalid election, Kenya court rules Kenyatta validly elected as President
Odinga decided to be "good loser" and the election had finished almost peacefully
KANU (Kenya African National Union)
Jomo Kenyatta
Daniel Arap Moi

KADU (Kenya African Democratic Union)

KPU (Kenya People's Union)
Question time!
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