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Piggies Gone Wild

No description

Rodrigo Gonzalez

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of Piggies Gone Wild

Damage they did to a yard
Their Success
Fun Fact
Their Food Web and Affect on the Ecosystem
How have they been Successful
The feral hog is an omnivore meaning they eat both plants an meat. They eat roots, acorns, fungi and fruit. The meat that they eat are turtle eggs, many native birds like turkeys, small reptiles like lizards and insect including their larva. Their only predators are bobcats, wolf and crocodiles, including humans but none of them keep the population under control.
The feral hog is predicted that in 20 years that in many states the feral hog will be as common as dears. They have also destroyed farms and agriculture. Also by their destruction on forest they have helped many invasive plants be successful. They also harm people with illnesses like brocelliosis.
A reason is because one of it's predator the crocodile are endanger so they aren't much of their worries. Another reason is because the feral hog is hard to shot and people don't have much defense against their horns. The feral hog can also defend itself against the bobcats and wolves.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Who our these Hogs
What is the Feral Hog
Can we fix this
How to solve the Problem
The feral hog is a type of hog that came from Europe and is believed that it was brought here for food to the Americas but many of them got loose during the 15th hundreds in Chesapeake Bay. Their scientific name is Sus Scrofa which is feral hog in Latin.
Their have been one way to solve the problem like in some states they give citizens rights to kill the feral hog if seen except for Sundays. A problem with that is that the feral hog are hard to kill. Another way they try to solve the problem is by using it as a food source. The problem is that if they meat is not clean it can harm humans with the many illnesses the feral hog has. People have been thinking of ways of controlling the population of the hogs that benefit both humans and the ecosystem.
Piggies Gone Wild
Feral hog can reproduce as early as 6 month
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