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police officer

No description

Brendan Hays

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of police officer

Brendan Hays Police Officer Median salary for police officers or county deputies is $55,010. Earnings Pay is different in every city. Education is everything. Increase by 7% by 2020. Job Outlook Entry Level Position Enforce laws, patrol areas that they are assigned, conduct traffic stops, write reports, and do a lot of paperwork. Nature of Work The minimum educational requirements are a high school diploma/GED, police academy hours vary. Educational
Requirements Most departments recommend some sort of degree in criminal justice or law enforcement. They also recommend a class "A" peace officer license. You mainly start out as a patrol officer. Another way to advance is to work your way up through the ranks. Get as much training possible while in your career to get promoted. Working Conditions Officers are likely to get injured during work, because they work with criminals, in dangerous situations, odd schedules depending on seniority. High turnover rate lots of job opportunities Police officers have
high job security Advantages/
Disadvantages Pros: Responsibility Brotherhood between you and fellow officers. Great benefits Cons: Awkward schedule sometimes. Dangerous High stress level Responsible
Quick Thinker
Manage stress well
Good listener Skills Things I Can Do Now Join Washington Police Explorer Program.
Take useful classes in high school.
Composition Tons of opportunities for advancement.
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