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Top Creepypasta Stories

No description

Rachelle Siu

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Top Creepypasta Stories

Top Creepypasta Stories
The Slender Man
Slender Man is very thin with extremely long, slender arms and legs. He also have 4 to 8 long, black tentacles that protrude from his back. People will experienced sickness by those stalked by Slender Man.
The Sickness is consisting mostly of coughing fits and coughing up blood, along with occasional nausea, paranoia, vomiting, and extreme exhaustion.

How Slender Man is known:
Slender Man kidnaps children and inspired many stories such as those of MarbleHornets.

Ticci Toby's real name is Toby Rogers. He got his nickname by the kids who teased him at school because he was twitching a lot. Toby twitches a lot because he got in a car crash when his father is drunk, which killed his sister. He killed his father because the spirit of his sister told him to and his mother caught him. Then, he ran into the garage and grabbed 2 hatches, gasoline tank and matches. After that he ran outside and surrounded himself with the gasoline and lit the match. When there was fire, a figure that wears a dark suit and its face was completely blank. His mother assumes that he died.
Eyeless Jack story is about a guy name Mitch who moved in with his brother, Edwin. One week later, Mitch heard something outside, but ignored it. Then Mitch was sent to the hospital because Edwin saw a large gash on Mitch's cheek. When they arrived to the hospital the doctor showed Mitch that he lost the left kidney.

Suicide Sadie's story is about her and her best friend named Jessica. When Sadie was absent, a popular girl in Junction City High School named Emily came approach to Jessica on that day, Emily wants Jessica to embarrass Sadie in front of the entire school and as a reward, Emily will give all the answers on the test. At first, Jessica denied it, but Emily says that if she doesn't, she will show a secret picture of her and boyfriend, which is a huge deal for Jessica and she agree with the command. When Sadie got embarrass on the next day, she got made fun of. When Jessica found Sadie at the park, Sadie died. Sadie wants revenge from Jessica.
Jeff The Killer
Jeff's real name is Jeffrey Woods. When Jeff and his brother, Liu, are on the bus, three kids (named Keith, Troy and Randy) approach to them, they took Liu's wallet and Jeff started to beat them up. After that day, two police came to Jeff's house and they think that Liu hurted the three kids and got sent to Juvy, Jeff tried to take the blame, but they didn't believe him. Few days later, when Jeff was at the neighbor's house for the party, the same three kids came there and beat Jeff up, and they burned him. When Jeff was at the hospital, the police let Liu go, and when Jeff got the bandage off, his lips were burnt to a deep shade of red, face was turned into a pure white color, and his hair singed from brown to black. When he got home, he went to the bathroom and carved a smile into his cheeks and burned his eyelids. His mother saw it and tried to kill him, but Jeff killed his family.
Homicidal Liu's real name is Liu Woods. Liu survived the attack from his brother. When Liu went to the hospital he meet a nurse named Susan. Then they started to date. Than when Liu and Susan went to a restaurant Susan got shot. Liu went to the nearest hospital and Susan got amnesia when she went to the hospital. Susan got her memory back by his old house, their significant place and the restaurant, she remembered. After the operation Susan didn't survive and Liu killed everyone in the hospital including himself.
Jane's real name is Jane Arkensaw. Her story is part of Jeff the Killer's story. In Jane's story, she help Jeff by calling the fire extinguisher while the three guys beat him up and burned him. After Jane saw Jeff with pale skin, she freaked out and passed out. When Jane was in Jeff's house, she saw Jane's parents, Jeff's family and her friends dead. After Jeff burned her, she ended up in the hospital and she was upset how she looks like after she was burned. When she went into the cemetery, she saw her parents' grave and she wants revenge on Jeff.
Masky and Hoody
Jane The Killer
Masky's name is
Tim Wright
, the main character in the MarbleHornets. Hoody's real name is
Brian Thomas
. Masky and Hoody are close friends and they're part of Slender Man's proxies. They suffer from the sickness from Slender Man.
Clockwork's real name is Natalie. When Natalie was little she was abused by her father, David. When Natalie was 16 years old, people got scared of her drawings and she stitched her mouth. Her mother caught her with the stitches her mother drove her to therapy. After when she went home, she knocked on the door. When her mother opened it Natalie burst through the door and killed her family.
Laughing Jack is a clown with long hair and a big swirly cone nose. He has long arms and baggy pants, with stripy socks.

If a child puts Laughing Jack as an imaginary friend, their parents has a nightmare about him.

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