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The False Promises of Performance-enhancing Supplements

No description

Brad Miller

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of The False Promises of Performance-enhancing Supplements

The False Promises
of Performance-enhancing Supplements Brad Miller Thesis

Performance-enhancing supplements do not generate the results their advertisements claim. In fact, these supplements may be deadly.
Research Proposal Process My Advisor My Mentor

Job Shadowing Product Overall Experience This concludes my presentation.
Thank you for your time! Good Bad/Frustrating Was easy for me to find my topic
Worked out well that my product connected to my research Was hard to think of a product
Took a long time to get approved Mrs. Baker Easy to get in touch with
Insightful when I was faced with problems

School athletic trainer
Easy to reach
Works with athletes
Helpful Observed game time activities
Learned about interferential electrical stimulation
Learned the proper way to tape an ankle
I volunteered to be an assistant basketball coach for a 10-12 year old recreational team.
I was assistant coach to Mr. Dennis Hunter.
I was able to tell the kids the negative effects performance-enhancing supplements can have on their bodies.
Although there were hard and frustrating times, I thought the project was really beneficial.
It gave me the chance to learn about something I didn't know much about.
I learned how to be responsible and use my time management skills.
Mrs. Lynn Bundy Types
Anabolic Steroids
Dietary Supplements
Negative Results
Lung damage
Heart attacks
Liver damage
Death Research cont.

Advertising Claim
Sports Endorsements Court Cases
Barry Bonds
Marian Jones
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