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SCEEP 3: Alexander Hoover

My life

Alex Hoover

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of SCEEP 3: Alexander Hoover

Alexander Hoover Background Info. Age: 16
Born: Ann Arbor Michigan
High School: Ypsilanti High School
Address: 8586 Avon ct.
Home #: (734) 483-7214
Syblings: 1 brother.
Course Curriculum Freshman Year
Acc. Geometry
Acc. English 9
U.S. History
Symphonic Band
Adv. Biology
French 1 Sophmore Year
Adv. Algebra 2
Adv. Chemistry
AP Prep English 10
French 2 Junior Year
AP Prep English 2
Enviromental Science
Adv. Physics
World History
Keyboard Applications
Music Lab
Psychology Extracurriculur Activities Baseball: 11 years. 3 years in high school. Plan on playing Senior year
Football: 1 year
Bowling: 5 years. 1 year in high school. Plan on playing Senior year
National Honor Society (NHS)
Inner Group
SCEEP 3: 2010
Motto: Live in the moment and move on Volunteer Activies American Red Cross
Ypsilanti Baseball
Pancake breakfast
Field cleanup
2010 Ypsilant High School Graduation Religious Belief Belief: Baptist
Church: New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
Member: Since 2004
Musical Instrument: Drum Set
Family and Role Models Role Model/Influences Mom: Kimberly Hoover
Dad: Odie Hoover
Brother: Kyle
Grandmother: Shirley Beeks
Tony Royster Jr.
Henry Ford
My grandmother is always
there for me and I can talk
to her about anything Raised on good virtue
and religion Values
peaceful Quotes This has been a presentation
byAlexander Hoover.
Thanks for Watching GPA: 3.8
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