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Digestive System - 7th Grade Brawley Middle

No description

Jill Hoffman

on 29 October 2010

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Transcript of Digestive System - 7th Grade Brawley Middle

The Digestive System Energy and Materials Nutrients =
enable the body to: move grow maintain homeostasis Examples: proteins, carbohydrates, fats & water > 50% of body = water Definition: the process of breaking down food Breaks Down Food Peristalsis:

wavelike contractions of smooth muscle Mechanical Digestion teeth - break down food into smaller pieces stomach - mash and pound food Chemical Digestion saliva - produces a chemical change acids Mouth and Esophagus 1. teeth - break down food into small pieces 2. lips and tongue - position food 3. salivary glands & saliva - softens food & begins chemical digestion 4. swallowing - tongue pushes food to back of throat 5. peristalsis - move food from throat to stomach 6. solids take 8 seconds 7. liquids take 2 seconds Stomach mashes (mechanical) acids digest food (chemical) every 3 days = cells replaced lining is covered in mucus Small Intestine 1. chemicals break down nutrients 2. nutrients are absorbed 3. villi absorb nutrients Large Intestine 1. water and nutrients absorbed 2. waste material compacted and stored 3. waste eliminated through rectum Other Digestive Aids Liver Gallbladder Pancreas above your stomach filters blood stores unneeded nutrients for later use produces bile breaks down medicines produces proteins tiny pear-shaped sac stores & concentrates bile between stomach & small intestine lowers acidity in small intestine breaks down proteins, fats & starch
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