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Newspaper Front Page Comparison

No description

Sajeepan Ariharan

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Newspaper Front Page Comparison

Newspaper Front Pages Friday, February, 11th, 2011 Toronto, Ontario In Conclusion Similarities Differences By: Sajeepan Ariharan Friday, February11th, 2011 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII These two newspapers were published on the day before Mubarak stepped down as president of Egypt. International stories are not as prioritized Lottery is in the front page Advertisements take up the bottom portion of the front page Their are specials dedicated to current events The logo is moderately sized and is placed on the top portion of the front page The picture is somewhat normal sized and takes up a good portion of the front page. There is a lot of text and more than one article on the front page. The headline is nice and bold and doesn't take up too much space The Newspaper logo is placed in the corner and is the same size as the title The lead story is very large , the picture takes up most of the space and the tittle is huge and bolded. There is only one story, but no articles on the front page I can only find one way that the Toronto Star and the Toronto sun are similar. One way that they are similar is that they both display their logos in a partly large manner. On the other hand there are many differences between the two newspapers. One of those differences is that the both newspapers prioritze their headlines differently. Another difference is that both newspapers have different publishing styles The last main difference that I can spot between the two newspapers is that they both are different sizes and shapes In conclusion I deduce that the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun are very different newspapers although they can be similar at some times. Also the Toronto Star is a more informative newspaper while the Toronto Sun is more like a Tabloid or a magazine ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ By: Sajeepan Ariharan ______________________ ______________________ Toronto Star Toronto Sun How does the Toronto Star presnt news to its viewers? _________________________ How does the Toronto Sun present news to its readers. _________________________ Basic Information • The Toronto Star uses major news events from around the world to attract audiences

• The information about the newspaper itself takes up about a quarter of the page

• The title is nice and big and not too bold

• The picture is a good size and takes up a small portion of the page but is still big enough to see from afar

• Many articles of many varieties are stated on the front page
• The Toronto Sun prioritizes local events more than world events to be a more important newspaper

• Usually the front page of the newspaper doesn’t house any articles but only one important event, a few section previews and accessories such as lotteries and advertisements

• The picture and main headline take up almost the whole page, are usually bolded and meant to capture the reader’s attention with a single article. However, this makes the Toronto Sun look more like a magazine or a tabloid rather than a newspaper.

• The newspaper logo is in the corner which is very efficient and takes up less space.

• The Toronto Sun in general is like a cross between a newspaper and a tabloid
• More articles

• More information on front page

• Not as captivating but still reasonable looking

• Too much information about itself, e.g. logo and specials

• Good variety

• More newspaper like
• Very attractive, colourful and stands out

• More opinionated headlines and articles

• Less information shown at the front of the page

• The articles shown are usually more controversial

• Different layout than most newspapers
Each newspaper has different qualities that make it special. The way the newspaper is shown and written is dependant on its audience The End 2 3 4 5 1 3 4 For example, The Toronto Star prefers to chose any front page artictle no matter what it is but as long as it is an important event

The Toronto Sun on the other side prioritizes local events rather than world events For example, the toronto star is more original and plain in its looks and appearence.

However, the Toronto Sun is much more colourful, bold and attractive The Toronto Sun is: While the Toronto Sun is : More long , rectangular and narrow More squarish and small
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