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The Thrill


Marcus Yuen

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of The Thrill

The Thrill We both jumped. Totally unaware of what would happen next. It all happened so fast. Dimitry jumped out first with me following him. Dimitry pulled out the HTC and took photographs while I switched on the camera. Dimitry finished quickly pocketing the HTC back into his skydiving suit. I nodded to him and we pulled our parachutes open. My parachute opened but one of the connecting strings broke. Dimitry got rid of his main parachute and sailed towards me, trying to catch me so we could share the remaining parachute. He grabbed my chest and the second parachute opened. Then I heard him scream in pain. His legs had got caught in the remains of my parachute and were twisted at odd angles. We landed with a thump on the ground. Dimitry did not move. An ambulance siren was wailing in the distan and the medics put both of us on stretchers. I cluchted his hand and said "Don't worry my friend. Help is one the way". Dimitry is 22. He is Eurasian origin -his father is Russian and mother English. He has black hair and piercing blue eyes. He is tall but skinny. Dimitry's father was a photo journalist for an international magazine and gave Dimitry his first camera at the age of 6. Since then Dimitry has been taking photographs of nature. One day Dimitry turned up at his photography studio to find his boss with a file."Great news, we just got our biggest shoot ever. Google wants us to shoot the new HTC ad". "Great," Dimitry replied "Where is it?"."Google wants us to shoot it in the air, so we're going to get you to shoot with the phone while you're skydiving" said Dimitrys boss. Dimitry's face turned green and his stomach lurched. Dimitry said "I've got a little problem with heights". His boss replied "Get over it. Look at this commission. So many zeros. We could beat our rival firms with this job". Some of these photos have won multiple prizes.Dimitry is brave in his own way, but one of his main fears is of heights. Dimitry picked up his phone and called me. "Hi James I need help. I'm going skydiving and I want you to come with me". I said," Yeah, I can help you. Are you sure? You never do stuff like this." I heard Dimitry gulp and reply,"It's our biggest shoot. Google is paying us for their new HTC ad". "When is it?" I asked. Dimitry replied "Next Tuesday at the Grand Canyon. Meet at the airfield. " 1 week later... It was cold, particularly at 20, 000 feet. The wind was howling at us and the engines were droning on making it almost impossible to hear anything. I gave Dimitry the thumbs up and smiled. I had done this many times before. For Dimitry , he was different story altogether. His face was green and his teeth were chattering. I could see clearly his whole body shaking and the beads of sweat on his forehead. We were in wheelchairs, recovering from our injuries when Dr. Roper came in. "You two are very lucky people, both of you should make a full recovery". We both sighed in relief looking at each other. I made a full recovery after 4 months. Unfortunately Dimitry took longer with at least 12 months in physio to get strength back to his broken legs and his back. I tried to cheer him up by taking photos of him every day. He enjoyed teaching me for a change about something I knew nothing of. Dimitry and I met at the airfield to see the pilot waiting. The pilot asked "where's your gear, we need to pack it into the plane, we're running late". Me and Dimitry passed the pilot the video equipment. The plan was simple. Dimitry would hold the HTC phone and take photos of the canyon while I would videotape him while we were skydiving. We boarded the plane while the an instructor told us what to do. The plane taxied along the runway and took off. By Marcus Yuen The End 3 Months Later... Dimitry's best friend is me, James. We met each other at high school when I saved Dimitry from bullies trying to give him a wedgie. I'm as outgoing as Dimitry is quiet. I love to talk, eat
and do extreme sports. I've always asked Dimitry to participate in these events with me. But he's scared and prefers to take photos of me instead. Dimitry's Boss - Loves money, power and publicity. Wants to grow the business. This real life story later became a blockbuster movie that inspired victims of terrible accidents to focus and recover even when physio and rehab were painful and depressing." Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time".
Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) American inventor. This story would inspire millions to recover from terrible accidents, becoming the recovery story of the century.
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