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Assessment in the Visual Arts

No description

Janine Campbell

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Assessment in the Visual Arts

Assessment in the Visual Arts
Janine Campbell
Visual Arts Teacher
Byron Center Public Schools

Survey Results
Create Rubrics
Depth of Knowledge Chart
Revised Blooms Taxonomy
Teacher Evaluations
Backwards Design and Assessment Development
Arts Standards
Love it?
Hate it?
Developing Rubrics
Authentic Assessments
Activity 1:
MAEIA Project
What do we want students to know?
How will we know they know it?
What will we do when they don't know it?
What will we do when they do?
“The purposes of the Arts Education Instructional Blueprint, Audit Tool, and prototype assessments are to support educators and the public when implementing a high quality arts education program to improve instructional offerings…”

Audit Tool
Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness

Ratings of Ineffective, Provisional, Professional

Evaluation areas:
1. Teacher Practice
Use one of 4 tools: Framework for Teaching, The Thoughtful Classroom, Teacher Evaluation Model, 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning
2. Student Growth
Use assessments aligned by the State in content area
Blueprint Writers Public Review (Finished July 2013)
Assessment SpecificationsPublic Review (Aug. 22-Sept. 10)
Revision of Blueprint/Audit Tool (August 13/14)
Revision of Assessments (September19/20)

FALL 2013 Dissemination and professional development related to the MAEIA will be out for use of teachers and districts.

Activity 2:
Activity 3:
What does this mean for you?
Establishing Priorities
Link to Assessments
Performance Standards
1. Performing
2. Creating
3. Responding (Connecting)
Assessment Strategies
resemble "real world" scenarios
Performance Task
Longer project
Middle School Example (Video)
Performance Event
Shorter project
Constructed Response
Writing to Explain
Selective Response
Multiple Choice
Ongoing Assessments
Day-to-day work
Self Assessments
Where do your assessments fall under these charts?
How could you edit to change?
Activity 4:
Activity 5:
Apply Concepts to your Assessments
Peer Review
Class Critique
Elementary Example (Video)
High School Example (Video)
Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning
Performance Standards
Learning Targets
Composition, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Communication of Content
Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Critical Thinking
Using Anchors
Activity 6:
Apply Concepts Covered to
Establish Learning Targets, Apply Assessment types, Align with DOK/Blooms, Check against Seven Strategies
Gallery Walk:
How do you feel about current practice?
How does this information impact that?
What information is clear to you?
What do you need more information about?
What Others Are Doing...
Activity 7:
Share Samples and Gallery Walk
Activity 8:
Tools to get it done
Activity 9:
Select a Tool and Create
How do you Assess Creativity?
Activity 10:
Assessing Creativity
Sydney3936 said this about his/her artwork ...
In this project I learned how to take value and make it look like the original picture. You can see that in how I made it look similar to the picture that i picked. I like this project because I really like how it turned out and the colors i choose for it.
What could I ask about this image?
Sir Ken Robinson
Additional Resources
What Types of ASsessments should we give?
What tools should we use to give them?
How will we document student growth?
How will we communicate that with our evaluator/parents/students?
How can we use assessments to drive instruction?

Elementary Video 2
"Making Meaning over Making things that MIMIC Meaning," Olivia Gude
Full transcript