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Copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray

No description

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray
The main characters
- he lives in the name of Art and Beauty (Heaven)
- he degenerates from vice to murder (descent to Hell)
Lord Henry:
- he wants to influence Dorian, to dominate his spirit
- a witty, cultivated dandy
- through Dorian's painting he had influenced Dorian's life very deeply
- he had worshipped Dorian's beauty
- he represents Dorian's awakening of his conscience
Sibyl Vane:
- a romantic Victorian heroine: beautiful, innocent, passionate but living in a vulgar surrounding
he was accused of
- he was senteced to 2 years'
imprisonment and hard labour
- after his release from prison he was
a ruined man
, went to live in France, died in poverty of meningitis in 1900

born in 1854 in Dublin, studied in Oxford
influenced by Aesthetic theories (pp. 35-36)
- i
n London he began writing and mixing in high society
- in Paris he knew Mallarmé, Verlaine, Hugo, Zola, Balzac
- he was a DANDY (p. 36)
Oscar Wilde
I have nothing to declare but my genius"

" there is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.
the plot:
Basil Hallward
is a painter, fascinated by the youth and beauty of a young man, Dorian Gray, whose portrait he paints.
He understands that the beauty of the portrait will last while he himself will grow old and horrible.
Under the influence of Basil's friend, the amoral aesthete
Lord Henry Wotton,
who believes youth to be the supreme value, Dorian expresses a wish: that the portrait would carry all the signs of age, experience and vice, whereas he will remain forever in his youthful perfection.
Dorian meets a young actress called
Sybil Vane
who falls in love with him but Dorian cruelly rejects her: it was only on stage that she fascinated him.
Sybil kills herself.
Encouraged by the diabolical and corrupting influence of Lord Henry, Dorian embarks a life of vice and sensual gratification letting his portrait growing older and uglier.
Years later Dorian, by now totally corrupt and evil but still youthful as ever, kills Basil and several other people to prevent him from revealing his secret...

In the end,Dorian realises the horror of his acts. He resolves to destroy the portrait and begin a new life. But in doing this he kills himself: the portrait is magically restored to its original image of Dorian's youthful perfection while the real Dorian's features in death become those of a hideous, disgusting old man.
he wrote
- Poems
- political/satyrical articles
- a collection of stories for children
- a novel: the picture of Dorian Gray
- successful satyrical plays
Victorian society
- Wilde's friend: the painter Basil Ward
- A young man sitting on his studio: the source for Wilde's story
- the names of the characters have connotations (p. 17)

The novel's characters: where do they come from?
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