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No description

Vibhav poddar

on 7 December 2017

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Transcript of Vibhav


Public Face
Good friend
Likes cricket and kabbadi
Private face
Positive Me
English - Vocabulary and reading
Lack of confidence

How learner profiles affect my relationship ?

All these learner profiles can affect your relationships in a good and in a bad way.For example if you are caring then you help people they will help you and on the other hand if you are not caring and respectful then people would not build or strengthen relationships because if one person is in trouble and you do not care then it will spread he does not help anyone
Solutions Or Strategies
Be more balanced in my routine so I am less irritated and tired so I do not annoy people and stay active to maintain my relationship

I should be more caring and respectful because if I help someone then they will help me and that is building a relationship

Then I can be a communicator so I get involved and stay active to maintain my relationship
Some more solutions
I can sleep a bit earlier so if I make it my daily routine then it will make me less irritated and as well as strengthen my relationships

Then I can read a short storie or a chapter and find out difficulte words and make strengthen my vocabulary this will help me speak better English.
What is your name ?
Abhishek Poddar
What are my strengths ?
Maths and art
What will help me maintain on my strengths ?
Sleep for more time
What are weaknesses ?
English - Vocabulary and Reading and Lack of confidence
How can improve my weakness ?
By reading books to improve my vocabulary and looking up the words I don’t understand
How does my behaviour affect my relationships within my family ?
Getting irritated easily does not affect the relationship because my parents understand
What can help me improve on my relationships ?
Following a good routine
What should be my daily routine ?
More sleep will make me less irritated and instead of watching tv I should read more

Familiar and Unfamiliar
Familiar - Going to school and sleeping this familiar situations can have a big impact on your relationships like going to school will help interact withe other people and make friends
Unfamiliar - Shifting every year and having a festival every day. This is an unfamiliar situation it can affect you in a good and bad way. Having a festival can help enjoy with your friends and less on your family which would not happen
Difference between Public and Private
My public and private face is almost the same these help me make friends which also helps me build relationships later in life all these will become your identity. Some times the community also shapes your identity because they have a different view if you think you are fast other people might think you are slow. Because my pubic and the private are almost the same I can build strong relationships
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