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plan a trip

No description

Ricki Vroman

on 27 April 2012

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Transcript of plan a trip

colorado The first place i would be going to is , The Garden of the Gods in colorado springs , it would take 15 hours and 57 mins , but i would end up driving 1,009 miles on the road . The Garden of the Gods It was founded in 1871 , who found it was General william jackson palmer. How it got the name at first general palmer was going to name it something like a beer garden , but his companion said it would be a perfect place for the gods to assemble , so they named it the garden of the gods The next place i am going to is pikes peak mountain ,you can go on top of the mountain , which as a elevation of 7,400ft . plan a trip Next stop is colorado springs pioneers museum it would take 4 hours 8 mins , but i will drive 180 miles.
from pikes peak to colorado springs pioneers museum ,
Centered in one of two primary downtown parks, this elegant and historic structure is surrounded by inviting green lawns, colorful flowers, outdoor sculptures, and a splendid granite fountain.
Next place i would go is cheyeen zoo They have all kinds of animals from fish to plants . i will be staying for 0ne day. I will be living may 13 , for my trip to clorado . I will drive to colorado springs , it will take me 15 hours and 46 mins , i will drive 955 miles. Plus my little sister anna is going to come with me , so it going to be along drive , but i will love it because it is big sister and lil sister time together.

I will be staying there for three days , when i leave it will be may 16th . i 'll be staying for five days . i'll be staying for one day By . Ricki calaeah vroman The capital of colrado : Denver the poulation of colorado is 5,116,796. when i live for colorado , it will take me 16 hours and 45 mins , i will end up driving 996 miles , with my sister. other place of interset: childrens musem of denver. latitude:37'N to 41'N
longitude:109'03'W to 102'03'W may 22 th is when i am going back to washington
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