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The Black Freedom Movement

No description

Carissa Espinoza

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of The Black Freedom Movement

Black Freedom Riders "Who gave their lives" Cont...
Taking a Stand in History
The Black Power Movement
the time of black solidarity and nationalism
lack of employment opportunities
police harassment
Black Freedom Riders "Who gave their lives" Cont...
Rights Act in 1965
Voting Rights
signed by
President Lyndon Johnson

The voting right act prohibits racial discrimination in votes
Black Movement Society
Martin Luther King Jr.
a black leader whose political motivations indications
speeches on peace and social injustice
shot on the balcony in 1968

Harry T. Moore
Killed from injuries, a bomb
exploded under the house
1951 on Christmas Night
The Black Power Movement
By: Carissa Espinoza
Why the movement began?
a way to uplift the african american and any person of color
gain control of their lives
by acquiring Independent Economy
Social equality
Political power
The black power movement embraced a variety of groups, among them SNCC, the Congress of Racial Equality, the Black Panthers, and the Black Muslims.
Civil Rights begins...
Brown v. Board of Education, 1964
outlawed segregation in the public schools
The most well known boycott was the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama
led by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks
arguing that "separate but equal"
schools are inherently unequal.
Boycotts Begin
In the mid-1950's
series of boycotts against African American soon segregated to the South such as...
organizing protests for individuals
union organizers
issues invitations to civil rights workers.
Displays of nonviolent and direct action began in Alabama of 1955
Nonviolence Action such as...
Public facilities
Public marches
areas surrounded by people
counter in the diners
city buses
Both 14th & 15th amendment enforced the voting rights act
James Earl
Freedom rider
Murder by KKK members
Medgar Evers
gunned down
after Kennedy's election
Emmet Till
14 year old, caught flirting with a white woman
Found 3 days later
dragged out of his bed
in the Tallahatchie River
shot in the head
barbwire wrapped around his neck
Malcom X
civil rights leader
giving a speech, when shot by three men 15 times
jumped by a mob and killed

Fred Hampton
drugged and slain by the Cook Country Police
Bobby Hutton
stripped from his clothes
shot more than a dozen times
Rev. George W. Lee
driving home, shot 3 times
Black Freedom Fighters "Who gave their lives"
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