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Youth in a Digital Age

By Barbara and Jacqueline

Barbara Jay

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Youth in a Digital Age

CCGL9007 Youth in a Global World
Youth in a Digital Age

By Barbara and Jacqueline Role/Experience of Youth in digital Age Experience:
-Iphones Ipod Touch, Ipod Shuffle, Ipads, Mac Books are seen EVERYWHERE
-Daily life snapshots with digital camera/iphone
-Texting with cell phones ANYTIME
-MSN, SKYPE, Facebook chat, Google Chat…etc. -Youth are Apple Suckers
-YET, an APPLE a day does NOT keep the doctor away X >>> Role:
-“Media-Mix”: digital productions leave a digital trail, fingerprint or photograph of identity formation process -PROSUMERS: Producers + Consumers
-Example: Youtube, and Facebook -share their work within their social circle through Internet
-they are their own AUDIENCE David Choi Justin Bieber Examples of youth media productions Negative effects -Reduced personal interaction

-Reduced physical activity

-Disrupt healthy lifestyle

-Information Flooding

-Security problems
and.. so on Some Extreme Cases -Child pornography
-Cyber bullying
-Anti-social behavior
-Internet addiction
Child pornography Definition: The term is difficult to reach agreement upon.

-Under federal law, it is any visual material that depicts a child either engaging in explicit sexual acts or posing in a “lewd and lascivious” manner

-50% of Americans were concerned about potential of Internet to lead to exploitation of children. Influence of Child Pornography -Exposure to pornography shapes attitudes and values
-Exposure to pornography interferes with a teenager's
Development and Identity

- Sexting: a recently increasing practice in which people use cell phone messaging to send nude or semi-nude images of themselves to others Anti-Social Behavior -definition: to be hostile to or disruptive of the established social order, while being unsociable means one is not disposed to seek the company of others or is reserved

-Japanese Term: Hikikomori

Influence of anti-social -anti-social behavior and anxiety were the most predictive of later depression
-emotional turmoil and lost self-esteem, a price often shared with their parents and other family members
-poor relationships with family and peers
What is ICT? Local Example of ICT abuse: Cyberbullying -Definition: the use of cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail, chat rooms or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to harass, threaten or intimidate someone

-making threats
-sending provocative insults or racial or ethnic slurs
-gay bashing
-attempting to infect the victim's computer with a virus
-flooding an e-mail inbox with messages Cyberbullying Acts: Real Life Example of Cyberbullying -Megan Meier Internet addiction disorder (IAD) -Definition: more broadly, Internet overuse, problematic computer use or pathological computer use, is [ excessive computer use that interferes with daily life ]

-Subtypes: excessive/overwhelming/inappropriate pornography use, gaming, online social networking, blogging, email, or Internet shopping
-Increased Access to information

-Better, cheaper, communications (IM)

-Improved access to education

-New ways of learning

-New opportunities for leisureand entertainment

-New networking opportunities

-New tools, new opportunities Positive Effects Discussion: 6. Imagine if Facebook had never been created. What do you think would’ve happened? Would you be occupied with another social networking site? Information Communications Technology
No universallly accepted definition storage, retrieval, manipulation, transmission, receipt of digital data Sam Tsui 4. What do you think are the main influences of ICT on you as a a youth? 1. What do you think are
the main issues that have a
negative impact on you
from ICT? (e.g. child
pornography, cyberbullying
anti-social behavior,
internet addiction). 2. What do you think should be done
by corporates (social media companies,
youth groups, government) to combat
problems identified? 3. Overall, do you think ICT has a positive/negative impact in general and on you? Or is ICT a double-edged blade? 5. Do you think the influence of ICT is global? Is ICT affecting all youths?
Diagnosis of internet addiction must include symptoms for at least 3 months and at least 6 hours of non-essential internet use per day.
Tao et al., 2010

96% of teenagers in China use IM and 10% can be classified as IM addicts.
Leund et al., 2009

41% of self-selected online gamers play video games to escape and 7% are classified as being at risk of developing a psychological and behavioral dependence on online computer games.
Hussain et al., 2009

11% of South Korean students are considered to be at risk for internet addiction.
Park et al., 2008
Is Youth in a ‘risky world’? The implications of internet and social networking. Are youths in a 'risky world'? Surf (the Net) but don't drown!
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