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My DHL Journey

No description


on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of My DHL Journey

DHL 101
Product Training - CVG
The Team -

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification
Sales Department
Other Tasks
Thank You!
My Journey
DHL Express Internship
Elma Pinto
Business Analyst Intern
Tempe, Arizona

August 13, 2014
I enjoy

data analytics
process of requirements gathering


Concentration in Business Intelligence
Currently pursuing

Masters in Management Information Systems
Lee Ann Scardina

Sr. Manager DCS
Mentor 1
Jacob Robison

Business Analyst
Mentor 2
Alicia Bartholomew

Business Analyst
Also worked with -

Chona Robinson

Emily Hilsenkopf and Oscar Riviera

Eric Williams and Vincent Browning


Sales Department

1. Duplicate Finder
2. Re-assignment Tool
3. Tool for Pre-approved Customers
4. Tool for Inactive Customers
5. Auto - Dialer Project
6. Business Card Project
Identified duplicates manually from an average of 900 records every two hours
Average of 10 duplicate sets per lead distribution
Average of 30 duplicate sets per lead distribution
Took 3 minutes to find one set of duplicate
Propagated the duplicate issue to the sales teams
Duplicate Finder
Problem faced:

Lead Duplicates coming in every two hours from comet load
Hindrance during lead distribution
Oscar Riviera - Since 1 year
Emily Hilsenkopf - Since 4 months

One click identifies all duplicates irrespective of number of records
Finds 27 sets of duplicates in the same amount of time
No error propagation
Each rep assignment takes an average of 3.75 minutes on a Monday and 10 seconds on a week day
Re-assignment Tool
Problem faced:

Manual process of running SQL queries through database
Could be run only by database administrator
Each rep assignment took an average of 6.7 minutes on a Monday and 1 minute on a week day
> 50% improvement
Mass customization email tool features
Send mass emails with one click based on

Last contact date
Rep User ID/Territory
Change attachment addresses as required
Find emails bounced back along with GSFA loaded onto an Excel sheet
Tool for Pre-approved customers
Used the mail merge process earlier
No bounced back information
Took 5 minutes preparation time
Tool for Inactive customers
Pilot Project
No preparation time
Click-Send Email
Find bounce backs
Direct use from the tool
Eliminates preparation time
Finds bounced back emails without manual intervention
Problem since 1 year
50%-75% bounce backs
Auto-dialer Project
Inside Sales. com
AT & T
Week 2
Week 4
Week 5 - Week 7
Week 11
What and Why?
Business Cards collected by couriers or resellers
Potential customers/revenue for DHL
Outbound Calls/Sales pipeline
Pilot Project

Results so far
Analysis and Recommendations
Business Card Project
Business Cards collected by couriers
Scanned all business cards
Data Cleansing and loaded into Excel
Bounced Off Comet to filter out pre-existing customers
Organized into a Load Ready Format
Courier Leads Loaded into Comet
LQ calls
(LQ Meeting, conveyed call guidelines)
Sales Calls
Tips & Tricks and Troubleshooting Guide for LQ
Workflow for multichannel processing of Web Access and Duty Accounts
Tool flow charts
Reports for specific lead sources
Assisted Chona in sending out welcome emails and accommodating account update requests
Workflow for the suggested credit approval process
MC for Pre-approved Customers
LQ Tool To Pre-alert Customers
How small things can make a big impact !
Developed VBA Programming Skills
Communicating business needs across and asking the right questions
What I enjoyed the most?
On days of light load..
Experience of almost all business analyst functions
Ability to interact closely with end users
VBA Programming
What was my least favorite part?
Figures in general
Total Number of Courier Leads: 328
Loaded into Comet: 235

Reasons Qualified Out
Prospects in Pipeline
Conversion rate - 3.9%
Talking money..

Opportunity Committed Revenue: $3,500
Total Potential Revenue: $11,501
List Conversion rate: 3.9%

List Investment $506.1
Field Sales - 70% margin for cost of shipment
Total returns = (30% of 3500 - 506.1) USD
= 543.9 USD

Potential Monthly ROI = 107.4%
Potential Annual ROI = 2389.6%

Best Supervisors Ever!

Saves time - Managers and Reps
Increased productivity
Ease of Use

Recommendations -

Encourage couriers to obtain valid leads
Provide incentives to couriers depending on revenue
Create a guide for couriers to aid them in conversing and map out process
In a nutshell..
How did I contribute to DHL?
The Numbers..
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