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Effects of Advertisements on Self-Concept in College Age Women

SIGN 350 Steps 5-10

Caroline Jones

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Effects of Advertisements on Self-Concept in College Age Women

How do advertisements effect self-concept in college age women?
Advertisements' Effect
on Self-Concept

How Do Advertisements Effect Self-concept in College Aged Women?
Kristel Hunter
Caroline Jones
Kristal Lollis

SIGN 350
Interdisciplinary Research Approach
Step 9: Conduct a More Comprehensive Understanding
Self-Concept: The overall sense of self-worth and belief about one`s past, present, and future ideal self.
Step 8: Common Ground
Step 7: Identifying Conflict
Step 5: Develop adequacy in relevant disciplines
Step 6: Analyze & evaluate each concept
Sociology- Social Comparison Theory
Communications- Highly Attractive Models & Persuasive Tactics
Health- Illness
Research... Research...
Psychology, Sociology, Communications, Health
Step 10: Reflect on, Test & Communicate the Understanding
The Newell Test:
Does it allow for more effective action?
Does it help solve the problem,resolve the issue, or answer the research question?
Is it useful?
Step 2 & 3: Justify using an interdisciplinary
approach & identify the relevant disciplines.
Psychology & Sociology
Step 4: Conduct a Literature Search
-Regulations & laws to expose unrealistic images
-Disclaimers of airbrushed models
-Healthy campaigns of beauty
How Do Advertisements Effects Self-Concept in College Aged Women?
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