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call of duty zombies timeline

showing call of duty zombies from WW2 to 2025

Thunder Orozco

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of call of duty zombies timeline

By; Thunder Orozco From the beginning... From bad to worse! Soldiars to the rescue Ever since Dr Maxis got samantha A.K.A (King of the zombies) a Dog and named the dog fluffy, but the dog had become pregnant and later came pups. After a couple of month's later Dr Maxis had used the dogs as test experimants for the teleporter but all of the dogs had been killed.Later that day all of the zombies had cam back frm the dead and soon killed almost all of group 935 (People who are helping making German weopons,) although Edward richtofen had become a phsycopath and killed Sam and Maxis while hell hounds came and killed everybody. As some war hero's had soon responded to an S.O.S deep in
a swamp called Shi no numa (Swamp of the undead) Richtofen had been very quiet since a zombie attack had killed his parnter and soon Tank Dempsi, nikolie During WW2, the germans were experimenting in a place called Der reise, (The Giant.)After a horrible mishap took place, Dr. Maxis had many troubles with a teleporting device that many experimants died or never got reanimated back in tetelporter
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