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No description

Cory Jacobsson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Roots

Roots there are two
types of roots they are taproot
and fibrous Root Structures Epidermis: the layer of cells
that cover the surface of roots taproot fibrous Has one main root that grows downward with many smaller branch roots coming out of it. (ex. Dicots & Gymnosperms) Has several roots of the same size that spread out from the base of the stem. (ex. monocots & onions) Root hairs: extend out from the root and in crease the amount of surface area which roots can absorb water and minerals. Quiz 1. increase the amount of surface
area through which roots can absorb water and minerals

2. monocots and onions

3. the layer of cells that covers the surface of roots

4. dicots and gymnosperms

5. protection for the tip of the root

options: a. taproot
b. fibrous
c. root cap
d. root hairs
e. epidermis
Answers : 1. d
2. b
3. e
4. a
5. c
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