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No description

audrey raza

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Salesforce

Founded in 1999
World's leading company in CRM products
Cloud-based software : no need of IT team
Integrated platform helping companies managing their customers and prospects interactions

Corporate Culture
"The best way to get to know us and find out how we work together is through the words of our employees."
Corporate Culture
Your DreamJob starts here.
Salesforce Foundation.
Brand Promise
what the company promises to the people who interact with it
how the company does what it does
business decision makers
value and beliefs
Brand Promise of Salesforce
The Customer Success Platform
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud

More than 150,000 customers
SME and large companies
Industries : Communications, Retail, Media, Governmnent, Manufacturing, Nonprofit...
Analytics Cloud
App Cloud
IoT Cloud
What differentiate them in the marketplace & positioning ?
#1 cloud computing company
World leader in CRM products
The Customer Success Platform
Work + Passion + Innovation + Community Converge
Our Mission
To inspire and enable organizations to drive phenomenal business results with digital marketing technology.

We power customer journey across every touch point- email, social, mobile, web and beyond. Helping marketers put customers at the center of everything they do
Our Vision
" We see beyond the present and use of cutting edge cloud technology to help our clients achieve business excellence and success. We will enable People, Resource and Technology to help our clients achieve thier business objective."
"Nothing is more important to our company than the privacy of our customers data."
-Parker Harris
Co-Founder, Salesforce
Corporate Culture
After multiple employees quickly quit the SalesForce Employee Success team began reevaluating employee culture
Decided to try something new and focus on an employee engagement plan
SalesForce is committed to providing the same technology to their employees as they do their customers
connect with your client better
know your customer better
reach the right people at the right time
SWOT Analysis: Salesforce
Leader in Cloud Hosted CRM software
Large client base; roughly 150,000
Growing Research and Development Capabilities
Cloud based and CRM serves are growing in importance
Strong Competitors in the market
Customer base is mainly in the United States
Growing demand for CRM and Cloud Based services
Economic downturn in the United States
Potential to be hacked
Data Privacy
Partnerships with other companies
International Expansion
Complementary products or software
Intense Competition
Government Regulations
Business Environment
Salesforce is the highest rated CRM company
One of the first to use cloud technology
Over 100K clients
Dominating CRM Technology
Individually managing customer relationships
Provides solutions to real business problems
Little improvements can lead to big projects
High employee satisfaction
-"Salesforce is helping us become a 
customer-centric company."
-"Salesforce helps us be a relationship bank."
-"Salesforce helps us engage with citizens better."
"Data is good, but real-time information from Salesforce is better."
Group composed of :
Andrea Brezmes
Siling Wu
Audrey Razafindrakoto
Mariah Salazar
Matthew Cubitt
Sathyavel Gurumurthy
The Salesforce Golden Circle
They believe in making communities a better place

They connect their clients with their customers

They offer innovative cloud-based products.
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