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Internet crime is any crime or illegal online activity commi

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Sumaiya :)

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Internet crime is any crime or illegal online activity commi

Financial extortion
Internet bomb threats
Classified global security data theft
Password trafficking
Enterprise trade secret theft
Personally data hacking
Copyright violations, such as software piracy
Counterfeit trademarks
Illegal weapon trafficking
Online child pornography
Credit card theft and fraud
Email phishing
Domain name hijacking
Virus spreading
Cyber bullying
What is Internet crime?

Examples of Internet/Cyber Crime
Internet crime is any crime or illegal online activity committed on the Internet, through the internet or using the internet
Most Common Internet Crime for teens?
The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating
Punishments for cyber-bullying in Canada?
Although Cyber-bullying isn't going to stop by law or punishments. It does has penalites for a limit and cost of it. If the victim reports with proof and evidence of getting cyber-bullied;
From a serious case of sucide or harassment they are put in jail for maximum of 10 years accordingly to the case.
Small cases are punished by fines or maximum of 6 months of jail
If done at school, punishments are up to the principal or the head board if serious
Internet crime IS a BIG issue
Internet/Cyber Crime includes threats to the FBI in serious cases. Alot of people have been hacked and lost they're money. Children or people's reputation is being sold over the internet from sexually videos. Most of these criminals get away because they leave no identity 'identity theives'.
Major/serious cases
Criminal Copyright Infringement-Infringing a copyright for financial gain...or by distributing a work being prepared for commercial distribution on a computer network (piracy)
Child pornography- Under federal law, transmitting child pornography carries a minimum five year sentence and a maximum 20 year sentence
Drug trafficking-selling drugs online through provider
Debt Fraud- hacking to bank accounts and stealing the money than blaming the bank
Blackmail/Extortion-threating without identity to give money 'online threats'.
Common daily Internet crimes?
These crimes are just annoying and we all are used to it since its viewed everyday and let's hope we can get rid of these buggers. These ones; we teens are aware of.
Spams-commercial email messages with the intent to deceive recipients; or falsifying header information in multiple email messages.
Prositiuation-ads of sexuality, dating or flirting
Computer trespassing- hackers accesing personal files
Stalking-constant messaging or ads
Bullying- through electronic commication
Preventions from Internet crime?
By using these tips, your computer can be under security or atleast your files are safe and backed up
Use Strong Passwords
Active your firewall
Use anti-virus/malware software (purchased proper ones)
Block spyware attacks
Private your social media
Back up your data on a hardware
Secure your wireless networks
Protect your e-identity (give fake information of yourself for sign ups)
Avoid being scammed
Call the right person for help ( don't get in debt fraud)
Install latest operating system updates
Thanks for viewing
Prevent yourself from Internet crime and
get Involved...
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