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Welcome To Naylonia!!

No description

Zanayah Morris

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Welcome To Naylonia!!

Welcome To Naylonia!!
Hope You Enjoy.......;
My civilization is called Naylonia. Naylonia is a very beautiful place where you can be yourself and believe in what you want it is very peaceful but don't be fooled we do have rules. My land may be easier to attack do to the fact that my protection as in gates are limited because my land is practically an island. The defenses that my land naturally holds are the wild animals and warriors that are present on my island.
Introduction Of Naylonia
The worship many gods. My civilization is monotheistic. We pray to our pacific god at anytime it's not a serious thing. We do not believe that there is a human that holds the holy crown. Our people teach their religion among themselves during their church hours. The most important holiday is is Thanksgiving and how we celebrate is everybody goes to the central area and we all have one big dinner and have fun but this is voluntary not mandatory.
The languages that my people speak is creole and english. The major inventions that we created are materials to defend ourselves are arrows,swords,medicine, and poisons. Our major discoveries are diamonds and underground mines filled with fuel and coal that people try to steal from us.
My government is a complete democracy but it has a little touch of monarchy. The leaders are selected by blood line or either voted but they have to fight for their spot .If you are selected the chosen one you are either the king or queen .The power of the king and queen is to control violence and keep the land peaceful
The major laws that are in place are preventing violence and don't judge anyone's beliefs and cultures. Law breakers are exiled from the island and never get the opportunity to come back
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