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Uses of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in Daily Life

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on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Uses of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in Daily Life

Microwave radiation has a lower frequency and longer wavelength than visible light.
Uses for Microwave radiation:
microwave radiation is absorbed by water molecules which heats up and cooks the food whilst killing bacteria.
Microwave radiation can also be used to transmit signals.
Some microwave radiation wavelengths can transmit signals out of earths orbit and into space and are used to communicate with satellites.
Thank You!
X - Rays
- Medical X-Rays: Allow doctors to observe the bones structure of atients without actually performing invasive surgeries.

- Security: Allows airport security to observe the internal contents of objects and luggage using airport scanners.
Gamma Rays
Gamma rays have a very high frequency and cannot be heard or felt however it can be used to sterilize surgical instruments, food and can also be used to kill cancer cells, however in larger amounts it can also create cancer.
Ultraviolet Radiation
Ultraviolet Radiation:
Found naturally in sunlight and cannot be seen or felt
Skin turns darker to so that UV Radiation does not reach the deep skin cells
UV rays are used for:
Sun Beds
Security Pens
Fluorescent Lights
Infrared Radiation
Infrared Radiation is felt by the skin and is absorbed as heat
Infrared sensors detect heat from a body
Uses of Infrared Radiation:
Security Alarms
Burglar Alarms
It can also be used to transfer information from place to place
Microwave radiation
What can the Electromagnetic Spectrum be used for?
Uses of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in Daily Life
Radio waves
How Radio Waves Transmit Signals
Radio waves have lower frequencies and longer wavelengths than microwaves
Transmit television signals
Radio programs
Television uses higher frequency waves than radio programs
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