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ana laura raya trejo

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of jfjrjrj

The extinction of Animal
Some of the animals that are in danger of extinction are:
Asian Elephants
Snow leopards
Red Tuna
Many of the animals are in danger of getting extinct. What is causing the animals to extinct are the man kind because they kill a lot of animals. Humans destroy the homes of animals or their landscapes but not just humans also it can be cause by natural causes. Some of the natural cases are the weather and the oil because it goes underground, but it can contaminate the water to and it will kill the fishes.
Different habitats of animals:
The different habitats of where animals live are underground, rain forest, and desserts. This places are where animals live and they go outside their little home/shelter to get food. There are different animals that live in the same habitat as the others. There are some animals that live in the same place. The animals are in many different groups that live separated but some animals are taken as pets and have a new home. Animals that are in the same group are: Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Mammals, Insects, and Amphibians.
The Problems
One of the problems is pesticides because it is a toxic chemical that kills all living things. The second problem is poachers because some of the time they are visible but sometimes it is hard to identify it. This is dangerous because it can kill a species of an animal that exist and take them out of the map. The third problem is the weather because global warming can cause the ice to melt in other places where polar bears are living.
The first point is to save the animals from extinction, by volunteering to keep the animals save. The second point is to reduce water from the houses
so that the animals would be able to survive because
that way animals will be able to drink water. The third point is when people are driving they have to slow down the speed because every time there are cars that have killed animals for going to fast. The last point is to protect the animals habitat because people have been destroying their homes and they don't have nothing left, also the oil can destroy the animals habitat.
Overall, the animals need protection. We have to stop hurting them and we have to stop destroying their homes. They need somewhere to live like the humans need a place or home to live and we need food to eat and water to drink. The same goes for the animals because every living thing needs water
and food to survive.
Polar bears are in danger of extinction.
We need to do something to prevent them from extinction. Their homes are been melted by the weather and of global warming.
Habitat of Polar Bears:
Polar bears live in the North Pole in the Arctic Circle. They live in the cold on top of the water that is ice. Polar bears are meat eaters. Polar bears eat seals to survive, but not only seals they also eat walruses, and other species of seals, and whales carcasses.
Some of the problems are:
The first problem is global warming because the ice where the polar bears live is melting. The second problem is that people are hunting bears. Polar bears cannot find food because of the climate change that is melting the ice. Every spring it is difficult for them to find food and to take care of their babies.
The first solution is to stop global warming by using less cars and recycling water bottles. The sun can melt some of the ice but it takes some time to melt it. People should walk and use bus transportation or a bike to get to a place like the store or the park.
Overall, the polar bears will be save if people don't hunt them and if we use less vehicles. By doing some of this things it can reduce the problem of extinction of the polar bears. It will change little by little and there will not be a lot of problems with global warming. Everyone has to cooperate by doing this. People should start walking or riding the bike to go outside and see how beautiful it is without any storms.
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