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Basketball Coach

When I grow up, I want to be a division 1 basketball coach.

Andrew Taylor

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Basketball Coach

By: Andrew Taylor Basketball Coach What does a Coach do? How Much Does a Coach Get Paid How do you become a coach? Coaches insure that their players receive the correct physical training. Coaches work anywhere depending on where they get hired. College coaches make around $46,000 dollars a year . What you need is a passion for the game, a passion for the kids, and the willingness to work hard. Coaches must encourage teamwork and manage team cooperation. Coaches are expected to teach the basic techniques of basketball to novice players. For team sports, coaches come up with effective strategies for scoring. Some coaches are responsible for recruiting players. Where Do Coaches Work Some coaches have a secondary job other than coaching. If they aren't happy with their income from coaching, they usually will have two jobs. If they are coaching at a higher level(college,professional) , then that will be there primary job. Where you work depends on how much you get paid. If you work at a college level or higher, you might get paid more, but if you work at a high school level or lower, you might get paid less. Contact as many coaches as you can to get advice. See if you can get a coaching job for youth or a local high school, and then start working your way up from there. Whats the Job Outlook for a Basketball Coach? From now to 2020, the job opportunities will increase by 15%. Basketball Coach By: Andrew Taylor Source http://www.basketballcoach.com/cgi-bin/basketball/index.html
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