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Pantoums are Dope

It's a pretty dope presentation on the dopest pantoum of all

Tim Lambrix

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Pantoums are Dope

Pantoums are Dope And The Great Depression wasn't very Dope "there were storms and small catastrophes" "Across the fence" "We gathered on porches; the moon rose; we were poor" Imagery "And time went by, drawn by slow horses" "Entered our souls like fog" Blind Figures of Speech "our lives avoided tragedy" "There were the usual celebrations, the usual sorrows" And remember, the most important thing you can get out of this presentation is.... Pantoums are Dope And the Great Depression wasn't....dope. Word Choice "Oh there were storms and small catastrophes "We managed. No need for the heroic. There were the usual celebrations, the usual sorrows "It was the ordinary pities consumed us." The moon rose; we were poor. The Great Depression entered our souls like fog And time went by drawn by slow horse People like us simply go on This poem is divided into 4 main sections Form and Themes This poem is classified as open form Example:
"we had our flaws"
"we have our flaws" The last line in each stanza is always about escaping/avoiding tragedy Word choice is important in conveying themes Catastrophes, sorrows, suffered,
all these words convey the theme of depression/hardship The author also makes good use of simple imagery; Ex. neighbors, slow horses, and people sitting on porches These devices serve to paint a somber picture of the Great Depression Donald Justice also uses simple language, "we managed",
"Simply by going on and on" to illustrate how people quietly
managed the situation without trying to invoke other people's pity This allows the audience to connect
with the situation more easily, instead of
making it out to be unbearable, it brings
this tragedy to a more human level And the most imporant thing you can
learn from this presentation is... Pantoums are Dope Created by:
Tim Lambrix
Nick Steers
Reed Kelly
Tucker Gaegauf
John Congdon
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