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Jupiter Science Prezi Project

Jupiter Demonstration

Barbie Urie

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Jupiter Science Prezi Project

Moons Jupiter is awesome! Rise and Shine Brrrrrrrrr....
Jupiter is about 145 deegress celcius brrr... TRIVIA! Here are some of my favorite Jupiter moons! Jupiter has over 50 moons!
But they have not been explored and not much information is known. Jupiter is the 5th closest planet to the Sun, so there is not enough oxygen to have life on Jupiter. * Jupiter is the BIGGEST planet in the solar system.
* Jupiter is suprisingly very COLD! Lo
Herse! What Time is it?... Jupiter's Orbit Time is exactly:

11.8565 A Picture of Jupiter Come See Jupiter's famous Red Spot! A Picture Jupiter is a gassy redish orangish planet with canyons and great lakes Comparing Jupiter and
Earth! Jupiter is about 10
times bigger than
Earth and Jupiter is really gassy and has deep
canyons. Unlike Earth,
Jupiter has no grass. Jupiter Harvey, Samantha. Jupiter: Read More. Nasa.gov. 8 April 2013.
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