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American Imperialism

Imperialism and Expansion at the end of the 19th Century. Spanish American War, acquisitions and expansion.

Alan Schubert

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of American Imperialism

Imperialism and the Expansionists when one country conquers and controls a different country
politically and economically Hawaii 1898 Alaska 1867 Philippeans 1898 Guam 1898 Puerto Rico 1898 A person who favors taking over land outside of the United States Teddy Roosevelt and the
Rough Riders Wake Island 1899 Panama Canal 1903 In 1867, the US arranged to buy Alaska from
Russia for $7,200,000, or less than two cents an acre.
Most thought it was a bad purchase, but soon it was found
to be full of natural resources like timber, gold, and fish. In the 1880s many Americans settled in
the Hawaiian Islands and started sugar plantations.
Hawaii's Queen Liliuokalani fought to preserve her kingdom
but the US aided in a revolt against her and they won
the revolt making it a US territory and later a state. Territories- a land and it's waters
considered to be the property of a nation. Territories As trade grew with Pacific Islands the US wanted
to replace the long dangerous trip around South
America. In 1904, the US paid Panama $10,000,000 and then
$250,000 a year for the land to build the canal. It took until 1914,
for the first ship to sail through the canal 1867, Alaska becomes
a Territory 1914, Panama Canal Opens 1893, Americans overthrow
Hawaiian Queen and Hawaii
becomes a Territory 1898, USS Maine Explodes
Spanish American War
US Gains Puerto Rico, Guam, and Philippeans 1903, Construction on
Panama Canal begins Instead of attacking Spain or Cuba
US decides to attack the Spanish Fleet
in the Philippeans, catching them
completely off guard and sinking every
ship Spanish-American War
1. 1895, just 90 miles off of Florida's Coast, Cubans begin to revolt against
Spain. Apr. 25, 1898 US declares war on Spain Spain
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