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Growning BI Capability

No description

Tim Coombs

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of Growning BI Capability

BIS 2020
Business Appetite for BI
Business Insight Competency Centre (BICC)
Data Architecture
BI Technology
Data Integration
People Data Tool
Corporate Focus on Headcount Management
Data Warehouse Foundations
Clarity of Direction
PDT Headcount Monitoring Tool
Growing BI Capability
People Data Tool (PDT)
BICC exists to provide the Department with optimal BI that is accessible, timely, consistent and offering one version of truth

A Team of Dedicated Experts, with responsibility for:
Developing BI Strategy
Implementing BI Applications
Overseeing Data Management (Governance, Meta Data, Integration)
Supporting BI Users

Enterprise BUS Model
Data Tools
Dedicated BI Data Model
Expandable and Flexible
Increased Control of Meta Data
Data Stewardship Culture
Agreed Data Definitions

Online Data Collection
System to System Integration
Push of a button data transfers
Tim Coombs
Data Architect (BICC)

Cube v Relational
Enterprise Reporting
Rapid Prototyping
Relational Warehouse
Cube based data marts for flexible analysis
Single source of the truth
Standard Reporting
Common Definitions
AGILE development
Small pilots before roll out
On the Fly Development

Business complexity
Resource usage
Service delivery
NB: BIS 2020 to be re-thought following recent MOG changes.
Potentially even greater oportunity for BI function to add value.
Headcount tracking across the BIS Group (45 Partner Organisations)
Inform workforce planning
Integration with finance data
Single source of authorised People and Vacancies
Dimensional data model linking finance and HR data at Cost Centre or People Level with ability to track changes over time at all organisational levels
Automated Extract Transform Load from multiple corporate systems to data model
Single source of the truth for standard reporting/data discovery at Corporate Group or individual organisation level for people and vacancy data
Group wide agreed definitions for data attributes
Flexibility to incorporate new data entities with minimal effort

Summary Dashboard
Headcount Dashboard
Forecasting Dashboard
Interactive Data Dashboards with Drill In Ability
API Integration
Data Barriers
Data Discovery
System to system connectivity via RESTful principles
Increase system automation
Data collected at the correct grain takes effort, but saves time overall.
Communication efforts to data creators need to be better
Rich, granular data is prime for data discovery
Data discovery tools are ideal to support rapid prototyping
Investment in these tools enhances organisational data capability
Powerful Tracking Tool
Data modelling technique of Slowly Changing Dimensions implemented on key attributes
Changes tracked at individual level
Allows trends in data to be analysed over time at multiple levels of aggregation
Powerful decision review tool

We have the foundations...
...so how do we grow?
So whats the outcome...
...how does this bear fruit?
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